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[Roleplaying Games] FFG's Genesys System Out! PDFs on DriveThruRPG!



  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Name all your towns with warrior cat names.

    Troutleap is only two days' ride from Dustyclaw, which is about a week north of Lilypad if you have a decent wagon.

  • RendRend Registered User regular
    We journey now to the capital city of Bramblepelt, to return the Apocalypse Ruby to its rightful place at the top of the King's Tower.

  • ArdentArdent Registered User regular
    jdarksun wrote: »
    Are there any *good* city name generators out there? I'm looking for something that generates fantasy town names slightly better than "Scrabster" and "Arkmunster".
    Just take [locational feature] and [name] and toss them together.

    Like "ford" and "Richard" becomes Richford.

    Unless you want to use another language. In which case just use the same method with your English-language dictionary.

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  • doomybeardoomybear Hi People Registered User regular
    edited January 13
    Here's another thingy that might help you with some ideas, although I think most here have already mentioned the ideas you'll find wihtin: University of Nottingham Place Name Etymology Site

    You click on town/city names, it tells what the name means or was derived from.

    doomybear on
    what a happy day it is
  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    I took two of my party on a little self contained adventure in DH because I was sad I couldn’t play with the full group wednesday.

    They went to a BDSM club that was a little too hardcore. It involved Dark Eldar.

  • TimFijiTimFiji Registered User regular
    doomybear wrote: »
    Here's another thingy that might help you with some ideas, although I think most here have already mentioned the ideas you'll find wihtin: University of Nottingham Place Name Etymology Site

    You click on town/cite names, it tells what the name means or was derived from.

    Well my weekend just got booked.

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  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Find a city in the real world, steal names from there

    Attercliffe, Neepsend, Fulwood, Meersbrook, Woodhouse etc etc etc

  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    edited January 16
    One of my players is being tempted by a Slaaneshi daemon so in his dreams the daemon has been trying to trick him into possession. I decided to try going full lust and seduction and wanted to try something I thought was a little risqué so I asked all my players if they would be cool with it. They said they were. Last night was a surprise test run for how they reacted to a situation like that. I used a picture of the club scene from Blade and had lots of descriptions. They reacted pretty well.

    The club was private for the cultists and fighters who fought in basically fetish fights (whips and leather or no pants) with Dark Eldar wracks to be chosen as prime specimens for Commoragh. Take the stereotypical bdsm freak from Blade or Phantasmagoria 2 or whatever and you found it. When the doorman asked my techpriest for credentials, he whipped it out. On his own volition. That got him in after a good bonus on his charm check.

    Note: I don’t see BDSM people as evil. If it’s consensual then its their business for real people who engage in it. This just used stereotypes since these were actually pleasure cultists and I wanted to create an overly depraved culty atmosphere.

    I put on Dragula and the blade club music. I love using music to set scenes. I once put on Raining Blood by Slayer when a khornate cult was sacrificing a navigator to summon fleshhounds and it worked super well.

    Kadoken on
  • MagicPrimeMagicPrime FiresideWizard Registered User regular

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  • JacobkoshJacobkosh Gamble a stamp. I can show you how to be a real man!Moderator mod
    MagicPrime wrote: »

    Genesys Ghostbusters? :biggrin: :+1:

    DarkPrimusKadokenGrunt's GhostsGoodKingJayIII
  • MagicPrimeMagicPrime FiresideWizard Registered User regular
    Jacobkosh wrote: »
    MagicPrime wrote: »

    Genesys Ghostbusters? :biggrin: :+1:

    Indeed. It's my current pet project as time allows. With winter weather and the kids and work in relative shambles its slow going. But I hope to find more focused work time soon.

    BNet • magicprime#1430 | PSN • MagicPrime | Steam • MagicPrime | Origin • FireSideWizard
    Critical Failures - Havenhold CampaignAugust St. Cloud (Human Ranger)

  • WACriminalWACriminal Dying Is Easy, Young Man Living Is HarderRegistered User regular
    Finally got around to watching Zootopia tonight and all I could think was 1) this is a good movie and 2) this setting is juuuuuuust about enough for a PbtA game. Playbooks as different species, differing basic moves for Prey and Predator playbooks, etc.

    So basically now it's all I can think about. I just...wanted to see more of the city, man.

  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    I often have doubts about if my adventures make sense or not. I’ve got a whole continuity thing going on and I homebrew the adventures to fit into the next step or affect what’s going on in the overall story and universe. Would one of you read this and tell me if it sounds alright?
    At the halfway point of an adventure, a cult is found to have been recruited by a grand conspiracy to assassinate the planetary governor. Their inquisitor informed the governor immediately because a power vacuum and an ensuing struggle is not what the planet needs right now. The Inquisitor’s other cells and the players’ acolytes then infiltrate a noble house’s spire. The house is hosting an event that the planetary governor is attending. This event would be the obvious time to assassinate the governor. A rival noble house’s name was mentioned as being involved in the assassination. The governor and noble house’s matriarch feel this is a way to capture rival house in the act and remove an obstacle to their supremacy. They’re also like nobles so they deal with this shit all the time.

    The spire is obviously well protected and manned by an armed retinue of tens of thousands. Servitor controlled emplacements monitor the skies and the ground at all times. A quick call via vox-line or astropath to the local guardsmen will get reinforcements and an air response within minutes. The nobles feel like this is such an easy trap to pull off and decide to bait the attackers by appearing at the event, a great ball. What could go wrong?

    The whole attack is a false flag. The villain’s MO is to go around inciting wars, rebellions, strife, etc that the conspiracy he’s apart of can capitalize on. It doesn’t matter what happens to the governor, because the attack’s purpose is to spark a civil war between two great hive cities. The rival house also has nothing to do with it but everything will be done to make it seem like they did.

    The players job in this situation is to disguise themselves as guards and servants and, while undercover, minimize the amount of damage the conspiracy can do. This means catching saboteurs, finding their intended targets, and defending the level of the spire they find themselves on. Their reward for doing well is earning the respect (and some influence) of the planetary governor and a great house and, in a follow-up adventure, the ability to convince them that the rival house had nothing to do with the attack. If they mess up really bad, all the heresy and cults bubbling under the surface of the hive start enacting their plans with the distraction of a civil war.

    I think my main worry is that it is kind a weird contrast to be rooting around in tunnels and purging a dank underground cult hideout to suddenly be cooking or patrolling in a noble spire. An inquisitor did come up with the plan but would two of the most poweful nobles on the planet willingly act as bait and not just stay home?

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