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[Roleplaying Games] Thank God I Finally Have A Table For Cannabis Potency.



  • CarnarvonCarnarvon Registered User regular
    I'm right there with you, @Kadoken. Best thing to do is let someone else take the reigns and play yourself, or dare I say it, take a hiatus. Aside from that, I've found just having people jump in through the windows with guns tends to help me when I get bored. Vehicles help too, as having to solve things before the plane ends, the car runs out of gas, or the train runs out of track is great at both limiting scope and focusing attention.

  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    edited October 1
    I told my guys we’re on hiatus. With graduate school stuff’s too busy for more than the two scheduled RPGs I’m in.

    I’m not really disappointing anybody since we as the same group with a different GM are just playing DnD another day.

    Kadoken on
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  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    edited October 13
    had rant. good now

    I got motifs for the big antagonist group leaders after trying to figure out one of them

    Oniboshi (thanks for the name again guys) - Traitor librarian from a dead samurai themed space marine chapter he helped kill; he's a menacing manipulative sorceror who controls a Tzeentch faction w/in the big bad group. Sonaiyo - Jeff Van Dyke (Shogun 2). A slow ominous song with what sounds like ladies wailing the eponymous word. His opposite is the last samurai marine from that chapter who has his own theme, Ona Hei - Jeff Van Dyke (Shogun 2). Lots of taiko drums and rising mood.

    The Rainmaker, real name Erioch Karpath, a southern gentleman confederate general type who is big into the social Darwinism (and the regular Darwinism). Commands the military traitors, mercenaries, and Khornate cultists of the bad group (The Tarot) but considers himself between Tzeentch and Khorne because he like the scheniving (scheming+canniving) but also is bloodthirsty (and I still want to use psykers with him). He has Rules of Nature - James Christofferson. He was the tricky one. There might be a better song. He did start out as a Revolver Ocelot ripoff, so a Metal Gear song sounds appropriate. (FE: though he was originally named after the Iron Maiden song) (FE2: I guess Raining Blood would work, but the wicked (awesome) and intense sound makes me want to save it for Khorne daemons to emphasize that shit is real bad now.

    Lascivious, a Slaaneshi Noise Marine sorcerer who is also called the Glam Sorcerer or the Sonic Sorcerer that wields a classic Rogue Trader style blastmaster (a guitar that shoots concussive sound waves) which he doubles as a psyfocus. He is mostly what you would expect, but rather than the burnt out husks of other Slaaneshi marine bodies, he vainly keeps his looking beautiful. Controls the Slaaneshi cultists of the Tarot. He's not super complicated. He's a sense freak with grand plans to increase sense freakiness in the galaxy in his devotion to Slaanesh and he loves it. He gets Like an Animal (Fuck like a beast) - WASP. Self explanatory. FE: also possibly Comin At You Live by Tesla.

    Happy Jack the Living Masquerade (he has so many names!). He gets a creepy cover of Happy Jack - The Who. Obviously. At least one of my players sometimes reads this forum so I can't say more since he hasn't been revealed yet.

    Kadoken on
    I am going to shoot this mystery with my pistol of deduction -Sherlock Holmes (Scott Benson)
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    I've been thinking a lot about increasing the pacing of my game, due to a 3-session derailment that I'd thought would only take one. I think there's a tradition of leaving every option open to the players, for fear of reducing their agency, but I don't think that actually a big problem. Maybe it's just my group, who don't really have any past tabletop RPG experience, but they don't seem to mind when I skip a bunch of time after they've made their decision, taking a more directorial role.

    For example, they just finished a fight and needed a long rest. This fight was to rescue some trapped militia so they could get back to the nearby city and drive off some pirates. Instead of resuming at the long rest, I did a short narration of that and then dropped them right in the middle of the battle happening the next day, chasing after the last remaining pirate captain.

    This next time, they've decided to head for a particular sidequest they received, which involves a lot of travel. Could I have them spend a bunch of time on the boat, then landing at a port, securing passage to where they're going, getting there, and visiting the address of who they're looking for? Yes, I could, but instead I'm just going to drop them in at the end, talking to the person who will give them the leads they need to choose how they want to investigate.

  • oxybeoxybe Entei is appaled and disappointed in you Registered User regular
    Sept/Oct has not been kind to my gaming group. we've basically lost 3 members: 1 decided to focus on their studies so likely won't be coming down anytime soon (entirely understandable as I did the same thing in college), 1 is focusing more on his work with the military (again, very understandable) and the third moved out of province to help his GF's family as complicated stuff is going on (they might move back here come spring, but "it's complicated" sums up a bit of the situation). We went from "7ish players" to "two are missing, guess we can't run tonight" almost overnight.

    I am a bit excited at the prospect of a more manageable group size. We largely just discussed stuff as a group instead of playing last week and one of the consensus was that the prospects of potentially going on a tangent in our campaigns is something we look forward to, as with the larger group we had to make a very concerned effort to not stray from the path, otherwise absolutely nothing would ever get done.

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  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    edited October 9
    Technical difficulties over discord almost ruined the first DH Session. Besides the voices roboting the fuck out and making listening to everyone sound like the equivalent of a heavily redacted document with every other word blocked and open to interpretation, we got a lot done.

    The way the session started out seemed needlessly complex. My inquisitor just set up the players handler in a bar in plain sight and that worked.i

    FE: That’s not a slight at the Gm that’s just how the published module be.

    Also took notes for the first time like I’m a regular Cole Phelps (appropriate with the la noire music in the background). Can’t wait to yell at women and children then back down with a meek “my bad”.

    This sounds sarcastic but I actually really liked it.

    Kadoken on
    I am going to shoot this mystery with my pistol of deduction -Sherlock Holmes (Scott Benson)
  • AthenorAthenor Who needs lions when you have a battlecruiser? Registered User regular
    Yay, my LGS got in the L5R core book and GM screen and dice!

    ... Boo, they won't sell it till tomorrow...

    Official member of the Grilling Gentry

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  • AthenorAthenor Who needs lions when you have a battlecruiser? Registered User regular
    Looks like the Mantis clan won't be in the core book..

    ... because they are releasing how to play as them as a free download.

    Official member of the Grilling Gentry

    "Brevity is the soul of getting your shit read." - Tube
    Rarely-updated Collecting blog
    ElvenshaePolaritieKen OjdarksunMrVyngaard
  • CarnarvonCarnarvon Registered User regular
    Anyone here interested in a PF2e game? I'm trying to get a friday game going and need another person or two.

  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular

    Also, Tachyon Squadron came out for FATE today.

    I’m in love!

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  • MsAnthropyMsAnthropy Our Lady of Perpetual Mazes The CageRegistered User regular
    edited October 12
    In sad news, Greg Stafford—founder of Chaosium, creator of Glorantha, Pendragon, and a ton of other awesome ahead of their time RPGs—passed away yesterday. The Great Pendragon Campaign is still on my campaign bucket list.

    Edit: ...and now I see there is already a separate thread. I shall now go commit seppuku.

    MsAnthropy on
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  • CarnarvonCarnarvon Registered User regular
    I'm not great at roll20 despite numerous attempts at it, so I normally do theater of mind stuff over discord with a dice bot. We're trying for 6pm EST.

  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    edited October 15
    Ok DH might have turned into Escape from New York.

    The gangers killed the enforcers, are the enforcers, they know who we are, and on top of that someone making big mess of cybernetic modifications to bodies and is trying to kill us. Lansrick being a feudal simpleton didn't know that hand-vox casters can't go very far, and I'mma assume by the shitness of the place we're in does not have phone booths. So we have no backup, and one of our guys is already wounded. The next train out doesn't come until noon. It is midnight. I have a shield.

    GOODE times. Internet wasn't a fuck.

    Kadoken on
    I am going to shoot this mystery with my pistol of deduction -Sherlock Holmes (Scott Benson)
    Rhesus PositiveAuralynx
  • Rhesus PositiveRhesus Positive GNU Terry Pratchett Registered User regular
    One of my many ideas for 40k is Escape From New York IN SPAAAACE

    Also The Warriors IN SPAAAACE

    Starting at one end of a space ship and trying to get to the bridge seems like an excellent way to introduce players to the grim nature of the universe, basic mechanics as it’s essentially a tightly-controlled dungeon crawl with no need to worry about Acquisition or space combat, and the sheer scale of the Void-faring vessels

  • webguy20webguy20 Registered User regular
    Oh man we got back to our Genesys game tonight after a 6 week hiatus. God i love the system. I need to learn how to better create combats.

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  • KadokenKadoken I'm an adult Registered User regular
    edited October 20
    GM hiatus done for a sec.

    I feel the Emperor’s favor return!

    Also figured out what to do about setting the players on the right track from before. There is an inquisitor they’ve met before who likes to deal with his missions personally unlike their own inquisitor who is more into giant webs of secretive intrigue with multiple overseen cells in the sector. He has a vested interest in the source of the illegal weapons they’re after. So he can supply the ride to the hidden space base. Which also gets around the fact that the person who runs the place knows their faces from an earlier adventure she is quite sore about and would have seen them and carted them off to be interrogated and tortured if they went the way I originally was planning. They just got to put a tracker on one of the ships the smugglers are using. They are planning to ambush the guy who regularly gets transported to the base and who started the trade between gangers getting xenos weapons from Dark Eldar. The Dark Eldar act as mediators who want to encourage a proxy war between the gangers and a split faction supplied by the Chaotic main bad guy group for fucking the Dark Eldar over earlier in the last campaign. A kroot kindred tribe called k'wes that supplies the Dark Eldar slaves has been bringing in pulse weaponry in exchange for good eats for genetic material (as they do). So the players can put it on the smuggler if they can force him to go back the way he usually does, find another smuggler doing the same deal and follow them, or act as a smuggler and have the tracker on themselves as they are taken away by the Dark Eldar. I have it that usually the smugglers making deals are told to go to a place, drink something that knocks them out, then are carried away to be woken up once they're on the base. If th other inquisitor is directly helping, he might be able to force the Dark Eldar to take them to the base, or have his squat (I brought them back in limited capacity) engineer acolyte make a tech dookickey to read where the ships they've been using have been going in the past.

    After the players do their ambush thing, that other inquisitor comes in and basically encourages those options and supplies his own ship and resources to follow the Dark Eldar back to their base. He has a thing to do on the base and the players either need to take out the kroot or convince them to go away to stop the source of pulse weaponry flowing through the gangs on the planet they're on. Maybe even by trading the DE who would definitely betray them at one point for the other inqusitor who is by no means Xenos Hybris but is radical and could use mercenaries.

    Edit: or their overseer that works for their inquisitor could do it, could just do it.
    Edit 2: they got the guy, had a perfect ambush, interrogated him, placed a tracker on him, and got a deal to make the mafia-types stop sending hitmen after them; which is good especially when they showed one of the crime bosses their hideout while picking something up for his interrogation. In return, since they now know the source of the guns and a way to get to them, they’ve promised to leave him and that boss they let go alone since the guy those guys are fighting is worse than them. I don’t think the players will uphold the bargain once they’re done with the tribe.

    Kadoken on
    I am going to shoot this mystery with my pistol of deduction -Sherlock Holmes (Scott Benson)
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