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Fort Triumph: "X-Com meets D&D"

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edited May 2017 in Indie Games
Hey! Fort Triumph is an indie game most easily described as "XCOM meets D&D"


You use objects for cover, push them around, topple pillars on enemies and more. There's also a humorous light hearted plot with characters and stuff

We're doing a Kickstarter right now, which we're not allowed to link here per the board rules, but you should google "Fort Triumph Kickstarter", it provides an overview of the game far better than I could here, plus you can get Fort Triumph for super cheap, plus there are a bunch of perks, the art is great, and it cures child-cancer. Why would you not support it? Support it.

There's also a playable demo! Check it out

On Steam

Not-As-Much-On-Steam, aka "scary exe file" option

There are builds for Mac and Linux on Steam, and direct links to them on the KS page

Appreciate any feedback on the game and the page, and also hugely appreciate your support in helping spread the word!


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This forum has taken everything from me
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  • EhnnEhnn Registered User new member
    Major patch introduced - Inventory, artifacts, party management, hero customization, hero skins, and more


    Hero skin variety


    We've also since launched on steam, and are on sale atm :)

    Would love to hear feedback

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