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Head 'n' Trails : Finger dodge

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Head 'n' Trails : Finger dodge

Hello guys,
I have finally published my first game Head 'n' Trails after working about 4 months on it. Before telling you about this game, let me walk you guys a little through my background. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I have completed my bachelors in 2015. I had an interest in games and was always curious in figuring out what's happening in the back-end of the games I've been playing. Although I had a job, I always wanted to enter in this game development world. This led to include myself in learning mobile games which is way easy these days with awesome game engines. So, I started making this game on January 2 (It was one of my new year resolutions) and finally able to complete it by April 28.

Now let me tell you more about this game-
At the beginning of this project, there was only one thing in my mind and that was to entirely complete the project by myself which was kind of real struggle since I hardly knew code at the beginning but I do had a little experience in photo-shop, illustrator and after effects. This is the reason it took me more than 4 months to complete it. Instead of outsourcing any work, I created all of UI, trailer, coding, graphics, logic, music composition by myself with my own pace.Believe me, I am prouder than ever to just realize that this is something that i have created entirely by myself. I downloaded bunch of games that i liked from the play store and created a prototype from compiling by taking unique factor of all those games. So, the end product was this minimalistic single touch game. I didn't emphasized much on the graphics because i wanted the users to enjoy the gameplay.

This is how it works - Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. The trailing head will follow your finger. Don't lift your finger or hit black obstacles coming down your way. Collect as many stars as possible to gain score.Other than scores, you can also earn hearts in reaching milestone of collecting stars. Choose your favorite skin color from the toggle button at home screen. Collect hearts to trade it for cool heads. Please don't tell any big companies that some of these heads are inspired by superhero logos.My favorite one is - wolverine.

Features :-
1. One touch minimalist gameplay
2. Endless adventure with progressive difficulty
3. Dynamic music theme
4. Different colors to try for free
5. Free to play and no in app purchases
6. Leaderboard and Achievements
7. Addicitive and fun for all ages
Playstore Link :
Game Trailer :






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