[Oxygen Not Included] Breath of Fresh Air! (DLC in Early Access)



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    Mr RayMr Ray Sarcasm sphereRegistered User regular
    edited May 2023
    Nova_C wrote: »
    Embrace chaos!

    Chaos stresses me out though, and then I stop having fun. I'm not sure if I'm too neurodivergant for this game or not neurodivergant enough...

    What I have found has helped soothe my brain when playing though is setting up general-purpose liquid/gas filtering facilities that can take the big mess of mixed liquids and gases that inevitably pile up and separate them all out into their own storage. And from there I can pipe the appropriate things to where they need to go; hydrogen goes to the power plant, chlorine goes to the water purification facility, CO2 goes off to the skimming room, polluted oxygen goes to a room full of purifiers and oxygen can be released back into the base.

    It takes a bit to set up, but pays dividends later.

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    The Zombie PenguinThe Zombie Penguin Eternal Hungry Corpse Registered User regular
    Yeah the practical approach pays dividends in this game. You don't need to be efficient, but you can get so so much done if you are careful and focused - devices like Hydras save so much stress.

    Heck, I could counter just about any gas disaster via cracking open my claymator room door, and letting the literal tons of oxygen roll out

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    PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Speaking of being careful, decided I was making way too much progress on my save and restarted to get the new traits in. I completely botched building a oxygen machine set-up and left a bunch of polluted dirt in there while it was being assembled, and ended up causing a bunch of polluted oxygen getting into my hydrogen power plant pipes.

    Hooray, guess someone’s going on empty pipes duty….

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    PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Oh wow, there's a big critter update in the works on the Test Branch. Figured it'd be worth bumping the thread for.

    There's a bunch of stuff in there, but one of the big things is that you can MILK THE MOOS. Also I kind of love that happy Moos, instead of reproducing by a egg or something, will have a chance to summon a moo meteor so you can get more of them that way.

    Also Critter Traps are actually useful now! They can be made of metal, re-used, and can capture flying and fish creatures.

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    Man in the MistsMan in the Mists Registered User regular
    Hooray! An excuse not to continue my current colony when I next pick up this game!

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    EnigmedicEnigmedic Registered User regular
    my colonists are lucky if they live long enough to see a critter.

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