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[Poké] PKMN - A League Of Your Own



  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Should we just run concurrent gym leader battles?

  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited October 9
    discrider wrote: »
    Should we just run concurrent gym leader battles?
    Up to Marsh to decide. I skimmed through the thread this weekend, and Al wanted his match sometime the afternoon during Day 1. Jim's battle was scheduled to be 10 AM during Day 2, with Bea following shortly after at 12. As for the battles themselves... again, it's Marsh's call. If I recall correctly, he offered doing the gym battles on IRC #voltage.

    TiamatZ on
  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    I have the rest of the week off after tonight, so I will def have the time to finish off a gym battle in IRC if we want to roll that way.

  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited October 12
    ~ Santalune Gym - Day 2~
    Beatrix had to admit she wasn't jealous of Jim at that moment, standing on the proverbial center stage. If anything she had to give some measure of respect to the (over)confident trainer. As an investigator in training, Beatrix was not used to the idea of potential fame and fortune. The only bright flashing lights and noises Beatrix thought she would be used to, would be those of crime scenes with the flashing of cameras and the chattering of radios/phones. Not those of a cheering crowd and a packed amphitheatre. it almost felt daunting to her. A villianous grunt looking for trouble in some dark alleyway? Bring it on! A gym leader with a crowd of excited onlookers cheering her on as well as the spotlight trained on her? Not so much.

    Still, she brought what solidarity she could muster and offered a hearty cheer towards Jim’s team. She would have reassured Jim that, if she had packed them, that a tiny set of pom poms would have been available and at the ready for him (or for the others, for that matter).

    "Whoo, you go Jim! Break a leg... err... that's not yours... or your team's...err... what I mean is... Go Jim!"

    Samuel himself intrigued her, insomuch as another bug type gym leader. She was looking forward as to what kind of personality Samuel had as a gym leader. Castelia’s fan favourite Burgh always enjoyed treating battling as he did with his love for the arts: cheery, creatively and with a flash of panache. Not to mention the man’s love for wordplay.

    Oh boy, those bug puns. Did Burgh ever LOVE his bug puns.

    Moreover, if Samuel’s prowess with bug Pokémon was as effective as Burgh’s was, she wished the best of luck for Jim and his team.

    As for her own team, Vance was sitting in an empty seat next to hers, which was fortuitous as she was not in a compelling mood to argue or convince anyone else to give up theirs. The roaring crowds did little to keep the Playful 'mon calm and composed, resulting in him being tense and paranoid. With so many people (and Pokemon) about, he had a nagging feeling ambush could happen at anytime. Beatrix reassured him no harm would befell him… at least… until it was their turn to challenge Samuel. If anything, this was something she believed they shared a mutual kinship with.

    Moriarty, however, thrived in this chaos. Perched atop Vance's seat, the Dark-type Pokemon was soaking in all the applause, lauding and hoots from the spectators like that of a famous actor awaiting his fans at a standing ovation. The overflowing cacophony and wild cheers was befitting a haughty Pokémon of HIS stature. Emphasis on was, considering this was Jim’s moment to shine.

    If only he could be the center of such attention, the bird Pokémon thought to himself. Don’t worry pal, you’ll have your time in the spotlight soon, she thought to herself.

    With binoculars on hand, she scopes out the battlefield, before checking out the spectators. Maybe there’s someone she could recognize from the crowd...

    TiamatZ on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow All Places Are Alike To MeRegistered User regular
    edited October 20
    Concurrent battles work fine for me. And probably for everyone since waiting for your turn would be even more agonizing than my usual updating schedule. Tiamat managed to get me to run one in irc and I forget how long and exhausting these are, even in chat format.

    At least when I'm spending 5 minutes on each Pokemon action, trying to make them exciting, but that's my fault. Better finished 3-4 hours than 3-4 weeks, and with something post-able.

    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym) ~
    Kay wrote: »
    "No thank you, I do not think Volnoy would appreciate the daisy."

    "But it would look ever so cute on him," Samantha says sardonically. "But suit yourselves."
    Kay wrote: »
    "Your special move, though. That was amazing to witness. We don't have anything like that,"

    "A Signature Move," she clarifies. "Costly to teach and difficult to use, but effective, yes. I imagine you'll develop a few of your own. Sooner or later."

    She accepts his hand, offering a perfunctory shake before pulling her hand back. "Hora's always a monster," she says, wearily. "Your Buizel though. Lots of potential. Let me know if you want any help. With that."

    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym) ~

    As the booth ascends, and Jim makes his address to the crowd, he can finally see his opponent for the first time. A middle-aged man with stern, Kantoan features, cool eyes, and a wholly composed appearance amidst the reckless abandon of the crowd, the lights, and the cameras.

    "Monsieur Veidt, you have come so very far to participate in our humble League, bold and confident," he bows, slightly.

    "I should like to see the bond, between you and your Pokemon, that merits such confidence. To see that you are as bold in battle as you are in bearing," he continues, low commanding tones that carry over the audience with the aid of the arena's speakers.

    "Reveal the passion that you will bring to the Pokemon League, the drive that will see you overcoming every obstacle in your path, and I will surrender to you the Bug Badge, as evidence of your accomplishment."

    Raising his arms, he releases a pair of Pokeballs into the arena below, the sphere erupting in red light to reveal a purple, butterfly-like Pokemon with white wings, and... nothing? Wait, no, there's a very, very small, yellow fuzzy thing down there, too.

    Gym Leader Samuel sent out Butterfree! Joltik! :whistle:

    Battle Status
    Tower Top - (inaccessible except from Airborne or Interior) + (Good vantage point)
    Tower Interior - (cover from Ranged attacks)
    - Joltik [ |||||||| ]
    Tower Surroundings
    Airborne - (accessed via Flight or (temporarily) by Jumping)
    - Butterfree [ |||||||| ]

    - Eli [ |||||||| ]
    - Lotty [ |||||| ]

    Marshmallow on
  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    edited October 17
    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym) ~

    Jim recognizes the Butterfree by reputation. Whatever the Joltik is, however, Jim doesn't really seem to care. He flips open his Pokedex but doesn't bother looking down at it.

    "You got it, Sam!" Jim calls out in response. "But if I'm gonna battle like this, I'm gonna need some killer music!" He looks down to a man in the back corner doing the sound mixing for the audio. "Hey! You!"

    The man looks up at him and raises his hands in a questioning gesture.

    "Yeah! Play something flashy, something really heroic for us to battle to!"

    The man shrugs, then thinks for a second, and finally nods. He reaches over and pushes a few buttons on his board and tabs over to a song on his notebook computer. A second later, a tune bursts forth over the arena sound system.


    Jim listens for a moment. "Oooh-hoo yeah! Let's do this!" His body is visibly shaking in excitement as he shouts out his first commands.

    "Let's burn down the little one ASAP and work together on the flier! Eli! Show that mite your new dancing skills to this killer jam! Lotty! See if you can't put a damper on that Butterfree's wings!"

    Eli locks his eyes on the Joltik, and phases right through the walls of the tower to get to his target. He spins and twirls as the music crescendos, and as his flame grows, it becomes clear that hiding out in an enclosed space was probably a poor choice. The upward slope of the tower forms a venturi, accelerating the convective effects of the roasting-hot air through the top, while the decreasing pressure results in fresh air blowing in from every nook and cranny, stoking the flame ever higher. In a matter of moments, the brick tower has effectively become a blast furnace, or the inspirator on a bunsen burner.

    Jim isn't aware of any of this, of course. But the look on his face from the unexpectedly-powerful fire move is priceless joy.

    Lotty, meanwhile, builds up her best flop, and launches herself into the air, directly at the Butterfree above. As she heads towards her target, her body is suddenly surrounded by a sizable quantity of water.

    Eli uses [Phasing] to leap right into the [Tower Interior] and begin a [Fiery Dance]! Lotty leaps [Airborne] to launch a [Drench] attack at the Butterfree, then falls back to the [Tower Surroundings]!
    So uhh... I'm not going to say I should get a massive bonus to Eli's attack from using SCIENCE and all that, but, you know, I should definitely get a huge bonus to Eli's attack due to SCIENCE :P . I am also assuming that any Pokemon is capable of "Jumping" into the air to attack Butterfree. I checked the Assists and didn't see a [Jump] so I assumed it was inherent. I'm guessing it works the way I wrote: Lotty leaps into the air to attack as her "shift," makes the attack, and then is automatically shifted back to the ground afterwards.

    Anyway, in regards to that massive bonus... I'm thinking, maybe the tower is SUPERHEATED and deals damage to any non-heat resistant Pokemon (AKA any Pokemon that's not Fire type or resistant to Fire) that ends its turn on Tower Top or Tower Interior. I would also accept double damage or doubled effect for Eli's Fiery Dance.

    Terrendos on
  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited October 17
    ~Santalune Gym~
    ~Time: Noon~

    Gym Intro! :whistle:

    After the short recess after Jim's fateful match, the Arena has once again been readied, with its guardian Gym Leader in attendance for the next challenger. Returning to the main arena, though as a challenger rather than a spectator this time, Bea finds her entrance just as dazzling as her comrades, even more so now that she's the one in the spotlights, being addressed by the cheers of a warmed-up crowd.

    "From distant Unova! The one! The only!"

    "Beatrix! Spencer!"

    As before, the Gym Leader himself, Samuel. Awaits in his booth above the field. In the interim between matches, the field has been transformed from a single tower to several, blocky looking abodes, topped with steep roofs. Something out of a kung fu film nearly, it seems like much of the battle will be happening in between leaps and bounds, which might give Moriarty a helping hand in the battle to come.

    Wow, Beatrix thought to herself. I’m starting to have second thoughts about this. Maybe there’s time to reschedule sometime tonight, or maybe early the next morning when there’s less of a crowd? And would it kill them to maybe at least dim the lights? How's a person to see with lights this bright?

    NO! Her inner voice booms, as it stomps it’s metaphorical foot down. Beatrix Irene Spencer, you are NOT gonna quit this early in your journey just because you got Butterfrees in your stomach! Girl up! You made a promise, and by the Tao Trio themselves, you are going to see this through!

    She looks back at the crowd. Although… I gotta admit... I DO lack the confidence Jim has. Then again, what would Jim do? Or rather, what DID he do? Hmmm…

    She dons her sunglasses.

    If I can’t make it, I can at least surely fake it, she thought to herself. Gotta make it cool enough, I guess. If it works for someone like Elesa, I don’t see why I can’t? And hey, sunglasses mean those spotlights won't bother me at all!

    (Use a Network token to at least look confident enough.)

    She struts in, with Moriarty and Vance in tow. She makes it to the platform, waving at the crowd of onlookers. Moriarty does the same, since he was craving for this kind of attention. Vance was merely indifferent, trying to avoid getting distracted and focused on the fight ahead.

    “Heya Kalos! Beatrix Spencer here… Flew all the way from good old ‘nova, and BOY, are my arms tired! Good to be here!” she reiterates her greeting from days earlier.

    When the platform reaches the top, she looks back at the Gym leader. Offering a courteous bow, her two mons drop and land (safely) onto the field.
    <Marsh-PC> (UGH)
    <TiamatZ> (Well, a social person she ain’t. She prefers to do her work without the gawking of a crowd.)
    <Marsh-PC> (that joke though)
    <TiamatZ> (This IS from the same person who admitted Jim's 'jim battle' quip was clever)

    Audible groans could be heard from the audience. Welp, can’t win them all.

    "Ready when you are... Mr. Samuel?" she asks, stifling a slight stutter.

    "As the Santalune Gym Leader, I respect your courage, and tenacity," Samuel replies in low tones, that boom commandingly throughout the arena with the aid of the speakers. Bowing politely, he continues.

    "Show me the bond that exists between you and your Pokémon, and the might and skill you will continue to hone in your League Challenge, and I will surrender the Bug Badge as evidence of your accomplishment."

    Raising his arms to release a pair of Pokeballs into the field, a red-with-black-beetle and a purple ball of fur with large, red eyes emerge in twin flashes of red light.

    [Gym Leader Samuel sent out Ledyba! Venonat!]

    Gym rules:
    • Airborne: accessed via Flight or (temporarily) by Jumping
    • Rooftop: Steadied (perched somewhere, or clinging to the edge of a roof) & Sliding (sliding down the side, shift to Fallen if you remain on Sliding for more than a turn) & Fallen (fall and hit the unseen streets below).
    • Streets: ground level, unseen.

    Team Beatrix Placement:
    <TiamatZ> Hmm, think I'll have Moriarty start Airborne [having Fly as an Assist], and Vance on Steadied [atop a roof]

    Let the battle begin! :whistle:

    Immediately after release, the shiny shell of the Ledyba clicks open to reveal its fragile wings, which instantly blur into motion as they allow the Early Bird Pokemon to hover above the rooftop arena.

    The Venonat, not blessed with wings, scrambles up the steep side of a nearby rooftop, reaching the apex and clinging tightly with its claws as it subjects its two opponents to its inscrutable, uncanny gaze.

    Round 1:
    Moriarty [Airborne] [ |||||||| ]
    Ledyba [Airborne] [ ||||||||| ]
    Vance [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||| ]
    Venonat [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||| ]

    “Oh…uhh… well… of course!”
    Beatrix stammers. She looks at her hand, before clenching it into a fist, “Alright team! Let’s… Let’s do this!”

    She points a finger towards the strange black and red beetle. “Moriarty, use Steel Wing to err… ‘steel’ yourself from the bug’s offense.” She assures herself that the flying bug Pokemon won’t be much of a threat once the Murkrow establishes himself as the dominant force in his element. She looks back at the purple fuzz ball. Not really sure what that is, she thought to herself.

    (Use a Knowledge token to scan the Venonat)

    Skimming through the data on any useful information (via her PokeDex), she orders the Pancham. “Ok Vance, stay frosty. Looks Like that purple bug… thing has the high ground here, let’s quickly remedy that situation. Make your way to him, and if he does something suspicious... show him how tough you are with a Bulk Up!”

    (Moriarty uses Steel Wing on Ledyba; Vance makes his way the Venonat and delays a Bulk Up should the Venonat do something)

    Still the king of Speed, Moriarty has no trouble making the first move, using his newly acquired TM Move to harden his wings, and slashing at the hovering Ledyba loitering in his airspace.

    [Moriarty used Steel Wing! Ledyba took 1 damage! Moriarity's Defense rose (+1)!]

    "Ledyba, counter physical attacks with your Reflect!" Samuel commands, and the Bug Type calls up a flickering shield of light to protect it from further attacks.

    [Ledyba used Reflect! Ledyba's Defense Sharply rose (+2)!]

    Ditching his precarious perch, Vance slaloms down the roof on rapidly pattering paws, leaping at the last moment to cross the dark crevice below and maintain speed for the uphill climb to the next place to hold out.

    The Venonat seems to have a bit of a knack for this kind of movement as well, matching the Pancham's approaching movements with careful leaps and clambering of its own.

    Each well aware of the steep slopes and long drop below, the two circle as carefully and quickly as they are capable of, until the Venonat appears to deem its most recent grip close and safe enough to risk the first strike across its opponents bows.

    With a shiver of its fur and antennae, it lets out a high-pitched, wavering squeal across the rooftop, Vance wincing as he attempts to use his one free arm and a shoulder to plug his rounded ears.

    To no avail however, as the discombobulating noise breaks on the Playful Pokemon's mind like waves on a beach, distracting his focus and dampening his reflexes.

    [Venonat used Supersonic! Vance took 3 damage! Vance's Special Defense fell (-1)]

    Struggling to tough it out, Vance takes advantage of his nearly paralyzed state, clinging to the rooftop while subjected to the horrible tuneless sound, to retreat into his latest training, focusing his mind on stiffening his body and finding his center rather than on his opponents wailing.

    [Vance used Bulk Up! Vance's HP Sharply rose (+2HP/+2 Stamina)]

    The Dex whirrs and buzzes with new information:

    [This Venonat is a Bug/Psychic Type. Venonats are nocturnal Pokemon with sensitive eyes. They have roughly balanced stats, with a slight tendency towards Phsyical damage and Special Defense, though many Trainers find them capable Special Attackers in a pinch. Their most common use is as a supporting Pokemon that finds its niche with useful Assists and Status Moves that can cripple enemies.]

    [End of round 1]

    Round 2:
    Moriarty [Airborne] [ |||||||| ] (+1 DEF)
    Ledyba [Airborne] [ ||||||||| ] (+2 DEF)
    Vance [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||| ] (-1 SP DEF; +2 STAM)
    Venonat [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||| ]

    That beetle Pokemon was getting stronger. The shield alone (as well as hearing Samuel’s barked orders) meant fighting it now would just be a waste of time, and after seeing what that insect crescendo did to Vance, she was not eager to keep that fuzz ball active in battle any sooner. As if to reinforce that notion, the Dex managed to identify the Venonat as a support attacker. This meant that not only was beetle was the defensive ‘mon in this fight, but that the Venonat's specialty was in... well... special attacks...

    Which meant Vance had the disadvantage here.

    In addition, if the Ledyba kept Moriarty distracted long enough, Vance would get overrun by the Venonat, and leaving the Murkrow’s flank exposed for a pincer strike. She looks back at the two pint sized 'mons preparing to duke it out on the rooftop, like some bad action 80’s movie. She noticed where the two were standing, and a plan was forming in her mind.

    A grin was forming on her lips.

    “Alright Moriarty, listen up! That bug in the air is taking you for a sucker! I got an idea! Vance managed to set up an opportunity for us! Now let’s exploit it!”

    She looks back at Vance. “Vance, time for those trust lessons to pay off! Arm Thrust that Venonat onto the sliding roof!” She looks back at Moriarty. “When I give the signal, use Peck, and drive that Bug type off the roof! We’ll let the Law of Gravity do the rest!”

    (Vance uses Arm thrust on Venonat, pushing both to Sliding! Moriarty prepares and uses Peck on Venonat to push him to Falling)

    While Moriarty stalls for time for Vance to act, Samuel calls out to his Pokemon.

    "Ledyba, go on the offensive with your Silver Wind! Venonat! Use your Confusion!"
    <TiamatZ> Wait whut?! Confusion?! Oh NOOOOO! *jojoface.jpg*

    The shielded beetle summons up a glittering powder that it wafts in a cloud towards the awaiting Murkrow, the fragments clinging and stinging slightly. The remainder of the substances adheres to the slightly wounded Ledyba, soothing the damage it suffered from Moriarty's Steel Wing.

    [Ledyba used Silver Wind! Moriarty took 2 Damage! Ledyba healed 1 Stamina!]

    As the venonat's supersonic peters out, Vance is more than ready to stop anything like that from happening a second time. Responding to Bea's instructions, he recklessly launches himself across the rooftop, losing his footing at the same time that he pummels the Venonat with a series of blows, knocking his rival Bug Type loose from its perch as well, the two tumble downwards, clawing for a handhold, or to simply slow their approach towards the edge.

    [Vance used Arm Thrust! Venonat took 1 Damage! It's NVE... Both shifted to Sliding!]

    Despite their shared predicament, the Venonat's oversized eyes lock onto their target, easily tracking the tumbling Pancham with their acuity, digging its claws in to steady itself, its red orbs begin to glow as it calls up a Psychic assault...

    "Now!" Bea shouts.

    Flipping head down and tucking his wings, Moriarty plummets out the bottom of the cloud of silver dust like a comet. Not bothering to open them even as he skims down the sheer side of the rooftop, the Murkrow builds up as much speed as he can before smashing, beak-first, into his distracted target.

    [Moriarty used Peck! Venonat took 6 damage]
    <Marsh-PC> (I love how there's no randomness, I know the stats involved, I picked the weaks/resists)
    <Marsh-PC> (And shit goes down and my jaw still drops when the damage hits, goddamn)
    <TiamatZ> (That's my Moriarty, he knows where to hit em, and hit em hard)
    <TiamatZ> (Of course, its balanced out that he's a very squishy target)

    Struck unawares and sent spinning down at a speed not even the sturdiest handhold could stop, the Venonat spill over the edge of the rooftop, disappearing into the darkness below as the crowd 'oohs' loudly from the stands.

    "Oh my" Bea gasps. "I hope the little tyke is alright.."

    Moments later, the Junior Detective's fears are assuaged as the Venonat laboriously claws its way back onto the roof opposite, apparently having caught itself on the way down. Keeping a firm foot on the gutter, it defiantly shakes a tiny claw in Moriarty's direction.

    Moriarty takes the shaking fist in stride. He caws:
    64px-BT198.png Good, just where yous belong. On the ground. In the doirt. Bug type. Heh.

    [End of round 2]

    Round 3:
    Moriarty [Falling] [ |||||||| ] (+1 DEF)
    Ledyba [Airborne] [ ||||||||| ] (+2 DEF)
    Vance [Rooftop:Sliding] [ |||||||||| ] (-1 SP DEF; +2 STAM)
    Venonat [Rooftop:Falling] [ |||||||||| ]

    "Alright Moriarty, don't rest on your laurels just yet. Take the Venonat down a peg... or two. Peck him off and let's focus on his friend afterwards. Vance, Bulk up again, and get back on the roof ASAP! We don’t want what happened to the Venonat become your fate as well." As haughty as he is, Moriarty prepares another Peck, wanting to finish this... gnat once and for all.

    He still has a score to settle with the beetle above, after all. And a flying bug sharing HIS space? well... that's just not Kriketune...

    (Moriarty uses peck on Venonat, Vance goes back to Steadied, and uses Bulk Up)
    <TiamatZ> (much as its overkill, that Nat scares me with dem psychic moves)
    <TiamatZ> (the psychic gym is going to be... wonderful *cringes*)
    <Marsh-PC> (Yeah, it already did a number on Vance, no need to play nice)
    <TiamatZ> (what would have been the damage had Confusion hit?)
    <Marsh-PC> (5 I think? +2 damage from having STAB and the -1 SD on Vance)
    <TiamatZ> D:

    "Ledyba, get ready with another Reflect. Venonat... Try to Disable." Samuel orders, though with a more a weary (but optimistic) tone towards Venonat.

    Eager to finish his foe, Moriarty flits out of his fall with ease, skipping over the ledge to dive at the Venonat. While the Insect Pokemon attempts to stifle the Murkrow's attack, Moriarty's superior speed leaves them no chance.

    [Moriarty used Peck! Venonat took 6 damage! Venonat fainted!]

    "You did well, rest," Samuel calls, recalling the senseless Venonat before it can once more tumble off the roof.

    Moriarty caws in victory, it tries to do a little victory jig, before realizing he's flying.
    64px-BT198.png So long an' good riddance...

    Still hovering above, distant from the chaos and carnage below, the Ledyba reinforces its shield with another shot of juice, redoubling its protective powers.

    [Ledyba used Reflect! Ledyba's Defense was Maxed Out (+4)!]

    Vance, meanwhile, redoubles his own efforts, bulking himself and making himself tougher in the process.

    [Vance used Bulk Up! Vance's HP was Maxed Out (+2 Stamina, +4 HP)!]

    [End of round 3]

    <<To Be Continued>>

    TiamatZ on
  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited October 20
    << And now for the epic conclusion>>

    Round 4:
    Moriarty [Falling] [ |||||||| ] (+1 DEF)
    Ledyba [Airborne] [ ||||||||| ] (+4 DEF)
    Vance [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||||| ] (-1 SP DEF; +4 HP)
    Venonat [Fainted] [ |||||||||| ]

    "Alright guys! One down, one more to go! Time to work as a team... err... once more!" Bea was all excited. "Moriarty, push the Ladyba back to Vance with a well-positioned Peck. Vance, you show him a good Leer now."

    (Moriarty uses Peck to push the target to Rooftop:Steadied, Vance uses Leer)

    "Ledyba! It's all up to you! Silver Wind on the Murkrow!"

    Flapping back up into the air, Moriarty punishes his erstwhile rival's aerial complacency by smashing the hovering beetle roof-wards with a peck of their beak.

    [Moriarty used Peck! Ledyba took 1 damage! Ledyba was shifted to Steadied!]

    In full 'mayday, mayday' mode, the Ledyba makes a controlled crash into the side of a rooftop, using its insectile legs and a flew buzzes of its wings to keep it steady against the slope. Realizing the Murkrow is too far away now to attack, it throws an apologetic glance towards its trainer and instead blows a silvery dusting over itself and the nearby Vance, who sniffles and manages to suppress a sneeze as the Ledyba heals its minor bruises.

    [Ledyba used Silver Wind! Vance took 1 damage! It's NVE... Ledyba gained 1 Stamina!]

    The glittery dusting does little to make the Pancham's response any less harrowing, the pandalike Pokemon giving a dour glaring that would be the pride of any glamor queen you care to name. Even behind its many layers of protection, the Ledyba can't help but take a precarious step back.

    [Vance used Leer! Ledyba's Defense Sharply fell (+2)!]

    [End of round 4]

    Round 5:
    Moriarty [Airborne] [ |||||||| ] (+1 DEF)
    Ledyba [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||| ] (+2 DEF)
    Vance [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||||| ] (-1 SP DEF, +4 HP)

    "Moriarty, try and peck him before he can use another one of those Silver Winds, if your quick enough, you should be able to avoid that attack. Vance, give em another Leer. We need to weaken his resolve!"

    (Moriarty uses Peck, Vance uses Leer)

    "Ledyba, use your Supersonic against the Pancham! Weaken him for your Silver Wind!"

    Moriarty wings in for another jab at the Ledyba, sending it careening, but with a buzz of its wings it rights itself once more, little the worse for wear.

    [Moriarty used Peck! Ledyba took 1 damage!]

    Opening its mouth, Vance shivers in recollection as he once again experiences the awful screeching of a Supersonic assault! Somewhat(?) fortunately, the noise this Bug Type is making is less painful, and more generally nauseating. It's not going to put him out of the fight, but he's going to need some aspirin after this match.

    [Ledyba used Supersonic! Vance's Special Defense Sharply fell (-2)!]
    <Marsh-PC> (I shoulda just gone for the attacking version here, probably would've ended the battle in my favor)

    Even if a bit cross-eyed and wobbly at this point, Vance can still level a stare to be reckoned with, and he lets the Ledyba know it.

    [Vance used Leer! Ledyba's Defense Sharply Fell (+0)!]

    [End of round 5]

    Round 6:
    Moriarty [Airborne] [ |||||||| ] (+1 DEF)
    Ledyba [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||| ]
    Vance [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||||| ] (-2 SP DEF; +4 HP)

    Beatrix realized her current strategy was NOT working. Vance's psyche was being torn apart by all these sonic attacks, and Moriarty wasn't doing much to hamper him. "Alright, new plan. Moriarty, use Pursuit and back off for a bit. Vance, I know you’re in pain here, but we're close to finishing this match and besting our first gym leader! Hold on tight, and use another Leer. Hang in there!"

    WEVJj5B.gif Voltage Spent!
    (Moriarty uses Pursuit and moves back into the air; Vance uses Leer. 1 Voltage to give Vance +1 SP DEF for the rest of the fight)

    With a quick look of concern at his ally, Moriarty makes a pursuing charge at the Ledyba, the speed of his pounce carrying him far above after the impact.
    64px-BT198.png Hey now! Bug off, ya gnat-wit! If anyone's gonna pick on my subordinates, is gunna be me, capiche..?!

    [Moriarty used Pursuit! Ledyba took 1 damage! Moriarty shifted Airborne!]

    "Now that it's weakened, Ledyba! Your Silver Wind!"

    Shaking loose another storm of scales at the confuzzled Pancham, the silvery motes settle on the two Pokemon and across the roof, making the scene rather festive, in a way.

    [Ledyba used Silver Wind! Vance took 2 damage! Attack was NVE! Ledyba healed 1 Stamina!]

    Having possibly the worst day of his life (thus far), Vance takes what heart he can from his trainer's encouragement and dutifully powers through his confusion to give that Ledyba the ocular what-for.

    [Vance used Leer! Ledyba's Defense Sharply dropped (-2)!]

    [End of round 6]

    Round 7:
    Moriarty [Airborne] [ |||||||| ] (+1 DEF)
    Ledyba [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||| ] (-2 DEF)
    Vance [Rooftop:Steadied] [ |||||||||||| ] (-1 SP DEF; +4 HP)

    "Alright team!" Bea announces. "This has been a tough... arduous fight. Make no mistake. But let's finally wrap this up and squash this bug! Moriarty, use Peck! Vance, now's your time to shine! Take all of that confusion from the sonic attacks, harness that rage, and unleash it all out with a Crush Claw!"

    WEVJj5B.gif Voltage Spent!
    (Voltage: +2 attack to Vance this round! Moriarty uses Peck! Vance uses Finisher Move: Crush Claw!)

    Circling overhead like a vulture, at Beatrix's call Moriarty gives a caw and descends once more from sky's height to peck at thee; for spite's sake throw his last beak at thee.

    [Moriarty used Peck! Ledyba took 3 damage!]

    "We have to keep its defenses low, more Supersonic!" Samuel calls out. Bea hears Vance audibly groan, even from her perch in the trainer's box above.

    Bea groans as well. This fight has been quite taxing to her. Mostly because of her constantly being concerned for her team mates.

    The Ledyba once again begins giving off that interminable noise. Vance has had enough.

    [Ledyba used Supersonic! Vance's Special Defense Sharply dropped (-2)!]

    Laboriously stalking across the rooftop after the backwards-retreating Ledyba, ears flicking against the racket, rear claws digging into the rooftiles, Vance reaches out and seizes the Bug Type in his claws, the both of them slipping and sliding in a scuffle down the side of the rooftop.

    The two slip over the side, and all that can be seen is a single paw, clinging to the edge.

    The hall was silent. The spectators watched with mute silence…


    Was he going to make it?


    With his other paw, Vance slings the unconscious Ledyba back onto the roof, pulling himself up to sit on the ledge as Samuel returns the defeated Pokemon. He coughs up a small silver cloud, and gives Bea a very, very exhausted thumbs up.

    [Vance used Crush Claw! Ledyba took 7 Damage!]

    [Ledyba... was Finished! +1 Exp to Vance]

    [End of round 7]

    The battle is won! :whistle:

    "We haaaave a winner!" the announcer yells over the roar of the crowd. "With two Pokemon remaining to Gym Leader Samuel's zero! Beatrix has won the match!"

    Though Beatrix's body felt rigid like steel, her muscles felt like jelly. Whether it was elation or exhaustion, the young lady fell to her knees. Before anyone could offer her assistance, she merely looks up, and gives a belated "V" with her fingers. V... for Victory!

    Moriarty lands on the nearest rooftop, waving and eliciting cheers from the crowd.

    64px-BT198.pngCome on kid, we did it! Hate to break it, but... I think ya deserve some praise for this fight.

    64px-BT674.png Wow... Rea...really?

    64px-BT198.png Yeah...sure. Get ovah 'ere!

    *Both Pokemon share the spotlight*

    *Twenty seconds later*

    64px-BT198.png Alrightalrightalright kid, show's over! Don't let it get to yah 'ead! Scram!

    *Moriarty shoos Vance*

    As the cheering fades (and the Pokemon returned), Samuel inclines his head graceful from his booth opposite.

    "With courage and tenacity you challenged me, and with that same courage and tenacity, I was defeated." He bows, ever so slightly deeper than the one before the battle.

    "I thank you for sharing the bond between you and your Pokémon. You have proven yourself a capable trainer, and your Pokémon to be students without peer. With great honor, I ask you to accept the Santalune Gym's Bug Badge as a token of my esteem, and of your value to the Pokémon League."

    Reaching forward to press something in front of him, a panel on the booth in front of Beatrix opens smoothly, to reveal a small display with a metal emblem within, the silver and green Bug Badge.

    Obtained the Bug Badge! :whistle:

    "Oh, I didn't do much. It's thanks to my team that we won." She releases her two mons from their balls. "Without these guys, this wouldn't be possible. Moriarty, you did great in that fight." The crow swells with pride. "But the real MVP of this fight was you Vance! You did good kid. You did good." She ruffles his hair with her hands, resulting in a grunt from the Playful Pokemon. She makes her way to Samuel. She bows respectfully.

    "Thanks, Mr. Samuel. WE accept this badge." She nods back to her team. "Oh, that reminds me..."

    She pulls out a few toffees from her pockets. "For your team. They certainly gave us a run for our money... er... figuratively speaking, of course. But in all seriousness, we will carry this badge with pride."

    "Please do, and thank you for the... candy?" Samuel replies (or asks) solemnly, though it was purely a rhetorical question by this point.

    "Your welcome!" she smiles. Where she suddenly got this perky energy is anyone's guess.

    "If possible, could we share numbers? I'm sure Kalos has a wide variety of Bug types that are just waiting to be found and trained. And who better to call guidance on than an expert on bug types."

    That actually manages to put the man off balance for the first time since she laid eyes on him.

    "I suppose I could do that, in regards of your spectacular initial showing," he agrees, making it politely but firmly clear this is a privilege he hopes is not abused.
    <TiamatZ> (gonna invite all the gym leaders for a slumber party once I become Champion)

    "Also, please accept this TM as a personal thanks for the exciting battle. It is TM 21, and allows you to teach your Pokemon Focus Style Moves. The Focus Style allows a Pokemon to prepare themselves for a devastating move on their following turn. I hope you find it useful." He pulls out a device similar to the machines Prof. Sycamore gave them a few days ago.

    "If you would forgive me, I would speak further, but I of course have another battle to prepare for. And I'm sure you wish to tend to your Pokémon and plan the next step of your journey. I will of course follow your Kalos Challenge with interest."

    "Thank you, Mr. Samuel." Before she leaves, she remembers. "Ah yes, that reminds me. You fight a lot like Burgh. Using the potential of a type many consider to be inferior or weak. Bring out the best of them. It never ceases to amaze me just how potent bug types are."

    "Then again, we had a Champion who used bug types as well..."

    With Moriarty perched and Vance in tow, the team leaves the gym, hoping to find a nice, quiet place to relax... maybe a residential park?

    The plot thickens! :whistle:

    As the Leader and Detective both turn to go their separate ways...

    ...for just an instant...
    petite, fair complexion...

    ...Bea sees...
    auburn hair in bob cut…

    dressed in a white shirt…

    ...Push out of the surrounding crowd. Her eyes watching the Santalune Gym Leader like a hawk as he walks towards the right side of the arena...
    dark jacket …

    ...And then she's gone, back into the crowd...
    and dark slacks…

    That was Shirley.

    Gym Battle Results:
    Tokens Spent:
    - 1 Network Token
    - 1 Knowledge Token
    - 2 Voltage

    Moriarty earns 10 exp.
    Vance earns 11 exp.

    The Bug Badge allows:
    - 1 Pokemon Ability
    - 1 additional Voltage (Invests in one Network Token, increasing it to 2)
    - TM 21 (Focus Style Moves)

    TiamatZ on
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    ~ Santalune Gym Battle: Day 2~

    It was very intimidating up here.
    Richter's hands fidget in his coat pockets as the booth slowly ascends to its apex.
    A nervous glance around the arena noted that waaaaayy too many people had stuck around after Jim's game.
    Richter was suddenly very conscious of every stain on his dull lab coat.
    Perhaps he should've washed it before the fight.
    Like at some point.
    Aside from in the rain.

    Richter is roused by a tapping at his foot.
    North is halfway out of the cage, looking somewhat concerned.
    The concern turns into a warm smile and a thumbs up.
    There is then a slight pinging, as North uses Electroplate briefly, and the cross-bar over his head bends.
    North then relaxes, letting out his breath and letting the bar snap back into place.
    Another wink and another thumbs up, and North is over the edge, climbing quickly down the metal surface.

    Richter closes his eyes, breathes in deeply, and exhales.
    Popping his collar of his lab coat into place, he opens one eye and looks over at Keyanu.
    "I don't suppose you have any sage advice too?"
    Keyanu stops his angry pinwheel buzzing to consider the question.
    His shiny new purple ornaments clink together as his adornments have a chance to settle.
    The floating ring comes to a conclusion.
    With a resounding "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......", Keyanu spins forward into the arena, hastily overtaking North, and seeking his first opponent.

    Richter smiles.
    "All right then, North, Keyanu, let's show them what we can do!"
    After all, isn't that what this is about?
    You hypothesize, and then you test it.
    And then when you test, you learn something.

    Richter briefly tries to tame his shock of hair.
    "Well then. We're ready!"

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
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    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym (Back in Time) ) ~

    The Sinnoh youth smiles his thanks, but looks vaguely confused. He was sure he was the one offering help and advice, but...

    After Samantha leaves, he hastens out to have Volnoy seen to at the Pokécenter, but not before thanking the small crowd cheering him on, exchanging Pokétch numbers, and the like. He's polite, and grateful for the praise after a difficult battle.

    Once his Buizel is seen to and healthy, he checks the time. There's a couple of hours before his meeting with the gym leader, so he grabs some lunch and returns to the gym for some training time. All three of his 'mons are released from their balls, as he starts to direct them to train, and practice, but not before he applies some TMs to Borzoi and Sila.

    Borzoi learned Snarl! [Physical/Dark/Harass (Sp.Atk)] Aleksandr spent 1 Trainer XP! (6 Remain)

    Sila learned Shadow Claw! [Physical/Ghost/Powerful (Sp.Atk)] Aleksandr spent 1 Trainer XP! (5 Remain)

    He instructs Volnoy to toughen his limbs and work on his speed at one of the training dummies, confident that the Buizel knows what he's doing. Repeated forearm strikes thud against the wooden Substitute over and over with increasing speed, as Aleks' main 'mon goes to work on it.

    Volnoy gained Speed 4! Volnoy spent 4 XP! (3 Remain)

    Volnoy gained Defence 2! Volnoy spent 2 XP! (1 Remains)

    The Ace Trainer then turns his attention to Sila and Borzoi.

    "Sila, Borzoi here needs to work on her defense, while you need to improve your strength. I would like you to use your Quick Attack against her, while she attempts to weather the blows," he explains, while reaching out a hand to rub Borzoi between the ears. "Borzoi, do not try to dodge. Shift your body to let the blows slide off, if you can. Quick Attack should not to do much damage to you, and it would give you the ability to work on defenses while Sila improves their already considerable attack." He continues to explain his reasoning, and guides them along as they work together. Sila, of course, takes things extremely seriously. Borzoi on the other hand, is having far too much fun. But to her credit, she focuses on her Trainer's instruction, and makes a certain amount of progress in her attempts to roll with the Not Very Effective blows.

    Borzoi gained Special Defense 2! Aleksandr spent 2 Trainer XP! (3 Remain)

    Sila gained Attack 3! Aleksandr spent 3 Trainer XP! (0 Remain)

    As the hour approaches, Aleksandr moves from the practicing duo, to the solo Buizel. He nods his head. "It is time to challenge the Gym," he states.
    I straight up don't recall why I bought that Sludge Bomb TM. Maybe it was for one of Tommy's?

    Kay on
    3DS FCode: 1993-7512-8991
  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    Kay wrote: »
    I straight up don't recall why I bought that Sludge Bomb TM. Maybe it was for one of Tommy's?
    Probably Tommy's Exeggcute.

  • Tommy2HandsTommy2Hands what is this where am i Registered User regular
    Kay wrote: »
    I straight up don't recall why I bought that Sludge Bomb TM. Maybe it was for one of Tommy's?
    you're too sweet

    I promise I'll have a post up in the coming days you guys

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