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[Poké] PKMN - Comfy And Easy To Wear



  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Too much Minecraft, not enough maek post
    There's a bunch of leveling up I need to do, but that can wait until I make past
    ~ Route to Aquacorde ~

    Richter is making good time, heading towards Aquacorde without incident.
    And that concerns him.

    North has been huddled against his chest the entire time, and has not even looked to crack a smile.
    It's like he's been deflated.

    Richter continues to pet North with his wool cloth.
    "North.. I'm not really good at this, but.."

    He sighs.
    "We all get hurt sometimes.
    I'm sorry I wasn't watching you."

    There isn't a lot more to say than that...
    North is a rock, and I can't say I ever expected him to be damaged either...

    Still.. this glass surface does seem to be helping build static..

    Keyanu has been doing his part to try and mollify North too.
    Flying over and presenting himself to be magnetised by touching North with a soft 'plik'
    North only stares at Keyanu witheringly.
    more post making later

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    ~ Aquacorde Town ~

    Jim smiles broadly, indicating the small beetle-shaped badge pinned to the left lapel of his jacket. "But of course! With the sort of firepower Eli's packing, taking down a Bug gym is no sweat! Figured I should work on covering my weaknesses, though, so that's why I'm here at the Water gym," he explains to Ramon. "You've gotta challenge yourself if you really want to get better, after all. Just strolling down Easy Street never made any Trainer the best!"

    Jim takes Melissa's hand and gives it a firm but friendly shake. Well, at least Ramon's denial saves his own libidinous ego. "Lovely to meet you, Melissa! What brings you to Kalos?"

    Before she can answer, his eyes light up. "What am I saying? We're both trainers, right? What better way to get to know each other than a battle? The gym's right here, we could go find a spare training room!" And of course, he can show off his sweet skills, he thinks to himself. He turns to Ramon. "We could even make it a double battle, if you're interested." He blanches, as a realization hits him. "Err... do you... have a Pokemon, Ramon?"

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Swish SwishRegistered User regular
    edited April 2018
    ~ Aquacorde Town ~

    "Yeah, I mean. That makes sense." Ramon says, sheepishly. "Congratulations, though."

    Melissa stiffly returns Jim's handshake while Ramon hems and haws. "Well, I mean..." he pushes aside his jacket to show a single Pokeball at his belt. "I guess I do?"

    "Are we talking one Kalos badge, or one badge total," Melissa asks, clutching her laptop bag. "I don't think I can battle someone with one badge in good conscience."

    Marshmallow on
  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    ~ Aquacorde Town ~

    "Wow, harsh," replies Jim. "Yeah, just the one badge, total," he admits defeatedly. Jim's not sure if he has a type, but this lady doesn't seem to be it... whatever it is. "Does that mean you're also competing in the League?"

    Remembering how the Magnemite seemed to be taking pictures for Melissa, Jim has another suggestion. "I know, let's take a picture to commemorate this occasion!" he suggests, hoping to accommodate the icy woman's hobbies. He pulls out his Pokedex, flips to the camera function, and tosses it to Eli. "Here buddy, get everyone's good sides!" He's not sure what that means, but it's definitely a phrase he's heard before about taking pictures. He squeezes between Ramon and Melissa before turning to face the Litwick, who is currently struggling to hold the relatively large device in his tiny hands.

    "Strike a cool pose!" He tells them both, putting his arm over Ramon's shoulder and making a wink and finger-gun at the camera. "To new friends!"

    Eli will attempt to snap a Cool Photo of Jim, Ramon, and Melissa.

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Swish SwishRegistered User regular
    edited April 2018
    Got a new pack for all my work stuff. Kinda thread related (not really, I'm bragging 'cause I like it a lot and captive audience).

    Marshmallow on
  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited April 2018
    Beatrix – P [][] /K [] /M- /N[X][] / V [X][X]
    Moriarty – 8/8
    Vance - 10/10

    ~ Aquacorde Town ~
    Beatrix felt a pang of regret for her actions. Officer Shirley must have caught her somehow in her novice attempts at investigation (it was probably the card). Still, she confidently believed a woman as talented and inventive as Emma would be able to handle this dispute. It stands to reason she's been around this block a lot longer than Bea had been, after all. The fact she has the International Police involved with the League means things got a lot more complicated.

    It was one of Emma’s other sentences that stood out.

    ‘Any opponents from four to six’?

    What does THAT mean? Was it age? Did she have to keep an eye on preschoolers now? Was it feet, as in height? On the other hand, maybe it was the number of Pokémon the opponents had on their persons. She had to think more on this. For now though, anything remotely associated with the Rival 5 seems like a good start.


    OH RIGHT! The kid with the …um…. CHESPIN!

    Now I remember!

    “I’ll vouch that he’s sincere about becoming an investigator. ‘Give ‘em a break’, so to speak. If anything, I figured since you were busy and all (in the office), some extra hands might be helpful. Someone to help with the paperwork, if needed. If that don’t work, he could always help out with investigations around Kalos, maybe even start out in Lumiose. I mean, you could always have more eyes and ears on the field. That, or help with running interference. Kid seems to have a knack at being both energetic and expeditious." She said with assurance.

    “As for myself… me and my team managed to take down an Onix near Victory Road. The Rangers helped too. Was really close! OH! We scored our first Gym Badge from Santalune too! Was a tough fight, but we got through. We’re in Aquacorde Town now, off to challenge the next Gym Leader. If I get anything suspicious on this Rival Five group, I’ll message you ASAP. – Rookie Beatrix, out!”

    Judging this might be a great opportunity to have a get-together, she sends a text message to her fellow trainers-in-arms:
    Hey guys! Made it to Aquacorde! Should we hang out somewhere? Maybe @ the gym? - B

    With that in hand, she decided to find some hosting accommodations, as well as explore the local town for any juicy news or gossip (whether it is about any local strange occurrences, helpful move trainers, or even about the local Gym leader) that might interest her or her compatriots. At least, until she killed enough time for a response.

    Opting to go into a simple disguise, she donned black sweatpants, a lettuce-colored modal shirt, complimented by an athletic jacket in salmon, and matched with some white sneakers. A get-up her parents always teased her as her as ‘Miss Sushi High Roller’ (because of a famous food franchise her family loved visiting). Nonetheless, the outfit will have to do, and she had to admit it would help disguise her among the local tourists. Which, as the moment, seems to be working…?

    TiamatZ on
  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
    edited April 2018
    Isaac Emil - [Myth Maniac] - 5/5
    PKMN - [Omen: An Initiation]
    Sierra - 11/11
    Maven - 8/8

    ~Santalune Arena~

    Isaac looks down at his worn pokegear as he reads the Burmy's description. "Probably a steel type, huh?"

    "Maven, Sierra! Let's go!"

    Maven's debut begins as the Meowth emerges from his pokeball on two feet, dusting himself off as he slowly slides towards the Burmy...

    [Maven shifts to [Ice Slopes]!]

    "Can you get up there Sierra? Send him over to Maven!"

    Sierra scrabbles up a few spikes and then leaps at the Vivilion, attempting to dunk the biwinged polar pest down to the [Ice Slopes]

    [Sierra shifts to [Sky]!]

    Sierra used Trump Card! [???/???/Offensive] on enemy Vivilion! Shifting to the [Ice Slopes]!

    "Now Maven! Use the charge beam!"

    The wizard meowth turns back and, still slowly sliding, pointedly ignores the Burmy as he casually points a left finger-gun at the blue and white butterfly.

    Maven used Charge Beam! [Special/Electric/Boosting (Sp. Atk) on Icy Snow Vivilion!

    A steady trickle of blue sparkling motes arc towards and through the Vivilion before returning to the Meowth, "caught" by his other open palmed paw.
    Maven will actually attempt to go to wherever the Vivilion is in the event it isn't in the Icy Slopes when it's Maven's turn. He will be very disappointed at having to hustle somewhere instead of waiting for his target to be delivered to him by his speedier compatriot, however.

    Rawkking Goodguy on
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    ~ Route to Aquacorde ~

    Richter eyes the ferries drifting past, as local kids wave and shout at them from the bankside jetties.

    North looks up as the sound of wood starts coming from underfoot.
    There is an unceremonious 'THONK' as Richter presses him against the hull of one of the passing boats.
    North shoots Richter a look of confusion, as Richter smiles and waves from the jetty.

    'RACE YA! SEE YOU IN AQUACORDE!', Richter shouts happily, before racing off along the route, Keyanu in tow.

    North climbs a bit higher on the hull, bewildered.
    But soon enough, the rocking motion of the boat and the sun's warmth have him drifting off into a welcome rest.

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Swish SwishRegistered User regular
    edited May 2018
    ~ Santalune Arena ~ :whistle:

    "Keep your distance, Vivillon! Use your Signal Beam!" Samuel commands from his side of the Arena. As might be expected from its impressive Stamina, the Icy Snow Vivillon is a speedy customer, and launches a flashing beam of sinister power at the scrambling Sierra below.

    Vivillon used Signal Beam!
    Sierra took 4 damage!
    It's Super Effective!

    The perilous beam passes over the Eevee and her icicle perch, dashing shards of ice to the slopes below, while causing serious - but not yet critical - damage to its Bug-vulnerable target.

    Securing her footing, Sierra braces, before flinging herself skywards - Seeking to welcome the Vivillon to the jam, with a randomized slam.

    Sierra used Trump Card!
    Night Daze was Drawn! (Dark/Special/Offensive)
    Vivillon took 1 damage!
    It's not very effective...

    The pair tumbles downward, cloaked in the clinging darkness summoned up by Sierra's Trump Card. The Vivillon lands with a thump, sliding across the slippery surface as it attempts to get its bearings with frantic flaps of its wings. Sierra meanwhile, sticks her landing. The angle of the icy slope helping turn her downward fall into significant sideways momentum.

    Vivillon and Sierra Shifted to Ice Slopes!
    Vivillon's Speed fell!
    Sierra's Speed rose!

    His target sliding past, Maven lets loose a stream of static, pummeling the Bug Type until their respective slides draw it out of range. The leftover voltage is reabsorbed to top off the Electric feline's reserves.

    Maven used Charge Beam!
    Vivillon took 2 damage!
    Maven's Special Attack rose!

    "Hang in there, Vivillon! Burmy, gather some icicles and use your Icicle Spear attack!" Samuel calls out to his second Pokemon.

    Leaving a pair of thin lines etched into the ice below it as it 'skates' on tiny metal protrusions of its cloak, the Burmy navigates the sprawling slope of sliding friend and foes with ease, darting towards a collection of the spiky pillars. With a twist here and a pirouette there, it circles a couple of the edifices and comes away with a rattling armful of snapped-free icicles, which it immediately begins casually launching at Maven.

    Burmy Shifted to Icicle Spikes!
    Burmy Shifted to Ice Slopes (+1 Speed)!
    Burmy used Icicle Spear!
    Maven took 3 damage!

    Battle Status
    Airborne - Accessed via Flight or (temporarily) by Jumping
    Icicle Spikes - Scattered hazards. Deals [Ice] Damage to those who shift into them.
    Ice Slopes - Fast, but slippery. Shift here to gain +1 Speed. Forced Shifts deal -1 Speed.
    - Sierra [ |||||||--­-- ]+[ - ] +1 Sp
    - Maven [ |||||--- ] +1 SA
    - Vivillon [ |||||||--x ] -1 Sp
    - Burmy [ |||||| ]+[ - ] +1 Sp

    Marshmallow on
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow Swish SwishRegistered User regular
    Everyone (Except Isaac, Presumably. Poor Isaac)
    Beatrix wrote:
    Hey guys! Made it to Aquacorde! Should we hang out somewhere? Maybe @ the gym? - B

    ~ Aquacorde Town ~

    Melissa shakes her head in the negative. "Never did a journey. I battle sometimes though. So I picked up a badge here and there. Just for the heck of it." She pushes her glasses back up with a finger. "Don't worry about it, everyone starts somewhere."

    At the suggestion of a photo, Ramon gets into the swing of things, matching Jim's cool guy pose with a big, cheesy grin and a peace sign. Melissa is either going for the too-cool-to-pose-chick look, or more likely she is not as into the swing of things as Ramon, and only deigns to offer a neutral smile for the camera.

    Eli eventually manages to get the Pokedex pointed in the right direction, and figures what to press, and with a flash and a click, a Cool Photo is taken of the three Trainers, as well as a curious Magnemite hovering just over Melissa's shoulder.

    "Well, we've got more sightseeing to do," Ramon says. "And I don't want to impose on your strict training and Gym Challenging schedule. We're going to be in town a little bit longer though. We should do dinner or something, my treat. Here let me get you my number, now that I have one."

    Ramon offers his phone number.


    "Hmm, it might be nice to have someone on the payroll that Interpol doesn't know about, considering. Besides you that is, not that I've paid you anything, but... you know." She sighs.

    "Have fun with the Journey, but try not to get into anything too crazy."

    Shortly after the conversation ends and the two hang up, Beatrix's phone beeps with another text message.
    Emma wrote:
    Also ix nay on the ival-ray ive-fay. That means don't mention them!!! Or at least use some sort of code like... the meanie quintet or something. Good luck, hon.

    Beatrix finds Aquacorde staggeringly busy, though the locals seem to this is a bit slow, many starting trainers having chosen the local Gym as one of their first (the Grass and Water trainers at least, not so much the Fire ones). If this is what it's like on an off-day, it must be absolutely overcrowded on a busy one, and its scary to think about how hard it would be to find a place to stay. Luckily, as a growing town, Aquacorde has a small selection of motels and hotels that seem to be covered by the League, which is just as well because there's absolutely no space open at the local Pokecenter.

    It seems like the town's economic good fortunes are tied to both its proximity to the river and its proud ferry system, and to its sister town, Vaniville, to the south which has a similar relationship with the light rail. Between the two, a tremendous amount of trade passes between the two towns, and onward to the rest of Kalos. Despite all the growth, crowding, and general hubbub, there's precious few rumors around town about ne'erdowelling or trouble. It's a well-run town, and many are quick to sing the praises of the planning and coordinating of the local Gym Leader, who is said to be an acquaintance of one of the recent Kalos champions. Unlike Santalune's Gym, the Aquacorde Gym doesn't have a state-of-the-art Arena system, so most of the battles take place either at the riverside, or in the river itself - many a Trainer who thought their Electric or Grass Types ensured them a win were summarily embarrassed when it turned out their Pokemon couldn't swim very well if knocked into the water...

    As a result of its roots as a small town on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse, Aquacorde is currently somewhat lacking in a strong Pokemon Training tradition, making it equally lacking in certain amenities like shops catering to Pokemon needs. The new Gym is likely an attempt to remedy this and solidify a more prominent Pokemon League presence in the town (that might explain why they're covering pricey hotel stays for visiting trainers, as well). Any highly specialized services like Move Tutoring will most likely be found at the Gym.

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    ~ Aquacorde Town ~

    Aleksandr is polite and conscientious in each store he queries. After shifting the blame to himself for 'not planning ahead', he makes a point to buy at least something in each store he bothers, usually because Borzoi managed to pick it up and carry it around behind him, wagging up a literal duststorm with her constant exuberance. A few potions and a brightly coloured rosette for each of his team members later, he has both a Thunder Punch and Thunder Fang TM in his collection, and he returns to what appears to be the threat of a Pokémon Standoff.

    Sila and Rhazga are staring at each other, one with a stoic lack of expression, the other with a competitive gleam in its eye. Volnoy stands between them, looking from one to the other. He's being responsible, but you can just tell he wants to watch the two go at each other. The Sinnoh youth moves in to defuse the situation swiftly, sticking a bright yellow rosette on Sila's chest, then turning to treat Rhazga to an iridescent red ornament of its own. Borzoi seems torn between showing off her grass-green prize to Volnoy, and attempting to get the Buizel's whole head in her mouth. Playfully, of course. But she is ROUGH.

    "See, you now all have proof of your strength and spirit," he tells his crew. "We should get a photograph by the fountain, something to send home to my parents."

    Sila looks down at the rosette, unimpressed. Rhazga preens, and sidles in to butt its head under Aleksandr's palm, solicting a petting. When the trainer isn't quite as quick to apply friendly pressure as the Tiny Robin wants, the bird nips at his fingers until it gets the attention. Aleks acquiesces, rubbing around the Fletchling's head gently, as Volnoy saunters over, Borzoi in tow, to get a closer look at his partner's new hoodie. Al reaches up to pull the hood over his head, and moves his head side to side slightly to make the faux-crest waggle some. "Very stylish, no?" he asks, before pointing towards the fountain to take his crew in that direction.

    On the way, his Pokétch buzzes - it's a message from Beatrix. He taps in a response to the group chat with a faint smile.
    Pokétch wrote:
    I am at the fountain, come over to get a photograph! --Al

    By the time the group arrives, Sila has managed to lose its rosette, while Borzoi seems to have acquired one suspiciously like it. It dangles from her mouth until Volnoy tugs it away from the Rockruff (squelching a growl and an attempt at tug of war with an accurate squirt of water to Borzoi's nose), and slaps it back in place on her forehead. The ribbons trail across the bridge of her muzzle, and she barks once, before sitting back heavily on her haunches. Her tail wags madly, sending more dust into the air. Aleksandr guides Rhazga to a perch on his shoulder, then looks around for a photographer - there should be one around here taking photos for- Is that a Litwick with a camera?

    "Eli?" Aleksandr's gaze travels in the direction the camera is pointed. "Oh, hello John," he directs to Jim. "May we have a photo next? Who are your friends?"
    I am the worst, sorry. I have been playing too much Battletech. EXCUSE MADE.

    3DS FCode: 1993-7512-8991
  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited May 2018
    Beatrix – P [][] /K [] /M- /N[X][] / V [X][X]
    Moriarty – 8/8
    Vance - 10/10

    ~ Aquacorde Town ~

    The Pokémon Center being fully booked made finding accommodations somewhat more challenging.

    The crowded streets made for abysmal navigating, lessened only thanks to the map functionality on her X-Transceiver. Fortunately, she managed to locate a boarding house with modest furnishings, rent, and a very reserved landlord. The only catch was that it lacked a proper view of the town (said windows pointed towards a brick wall of an adjacent building, obstructing pretty much everything there was to be seen), which was probably why she managed to luck out on renting it. Still, as far as lodging was concerned, it would suffice.

    She was disappointed on the peaceful state of Aquacorde, but nonetheless appreciated it. Less disruptions means she can organize some time to develop bonds with her newest member of the team, as well as fully focus on training her Pokémon for the upcoming gym battle.

    She opened up her notepad, and took notice of everything she managed to write down. If this Gym Leader was a former acquaintance of a Pokémon Champion, which meant this trainer was possibly even more experienced than Samuel. Skimming through all of her notes she had gathered thus far, she groans.

    Useful as it was now, the notes were paltry at best. She needed more information on the Gym, as well as possible avenues to give her team an edge over this Gym. So hunkering in a room isn’t going to help her out. It was then she received a message…

    A grin formed over her lips. Of course! Her friends could help out. She types frantically.
    I am at the fountain, come over to get a photograph! --Al
    Oooh! Sounds neat! Meet you all there! We should all take a photo of our teams and our well-earned badge! – B

    Swelling with new resolve, Beatrix placed everything on hold… for the moment. Right now it’s time to go meet up with some of her friends.

    ~ Fountain Square ~

    “HI EVERYONE!” She waved at the crowd whom was already gathered by the fountain. By the time she made it to them, she greeted her two colleagues with a big, bubbly smile.

    “Jim! Al! Nice to see the both of ya again! Felt like ages since the gang’s been together… err…. Where are the others though?” She looked around puzzled. “Hope they didn't get lost. You think they're okay?” She noticed the other two people standing next to Jim. “Oh hey there! Friends of yours, Jim? Name’s Beatrix, though most people just call me Bea. Nice to meet you!” she said excitedly.

    Moriarty noticed the strange, floating metal body hovering nearby. Mistaking it for some mobile, floating makeshift rest, the Murkrow does what he does naturally… roosting on top of it it. the Darkness Pokemon merely glances at all of them. Not surprisingly, he found them all disappointing really, what with them being land-walkers and all...

    But WAIT, what was this? He spots another Pokémon with… no, it can’t be… but it IS! WINGS! The avian bird breathes a sigh of relief. Sure, the robin Pokemon didn't really look that interesting, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Finally, someone worth my time to talk with. Well, someone who ain’t part of my gang, at least. Maybe after I got a good nap, I should gets to conversin' with the kid.

    Vance, in the meantime, kept his distance from the rest of the other Pokémon, staying close to Bea’s side. His (potential?) Riolu and otter fighting rivals were among the menagerie of new beasts. There was also the restless pup, and the floating candle Eli, whom he saw sporadically at the Gym from the previous human settlement. As for the rest, there were just so many new faces, it was overwhelming. Still, he tried remaining resolute, keeping an eye on anyone who so much as makes a twitch towards him... and glancing behind him from time to time (in case of an imminent ambush from behind).

    Kay wrote: »
    I am the worst, sorry. I have been playing too much Battletech. EXCUSE MADE.
    I don't blame you. If my PC wasn't that outdated I'd be in the same boat.

    TiamatZ on
  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    edited May 2018
    ~ Aquacorde Town Fountain Square~

    Jim calls Eli over and takes a look at the snapshot. "Oh hey Eli, this is great!" he insists, despite the slightly off angle. He flips off the camera function and adds Ramon as a contact. "Hey, thanks," he continues, sending a quick text to the new number so that Ramon also picks up his digits. "Probably going to train here a day or two and then challenge the gym leader. Keep an eye on the local news, you might catch a glimpse of my battle!"

    It's at this point that Jim spots the approaching Aleks in his new threads. Really? A Buizel hoodie? Tsk, tsk, showing such favoritism... not to mention a complete lack of style! Anyone knows if you're going to get a hoodie, white and purple is the combo. That's just basic science.

    But instead Jim says, "Hey Al, what's up?" Before he can introduce the others, yet another of his friends makes herself known. "Ah, and Bea too!"

    "Bea and Al, this is Ramon and his friend Melissa. Ramon and Issa, Beatrix and Aleksander." He indicates each of them in turn. "Ramon, I started my journey with these two, plus a few others. Al, I met Ramon a few days ago on Parterre Way. Happened to spot him again here, and figured I'd memorialize it with a sweet pic before they have to leave," he says, flipping back to the snapshot and holding up his Pokedex so Al can see.

    "So what're you guys up to?" he queries Al and Bea. "I was about to head in to the gym and get some practice in. Got to make sure the whole team's at our best for this next match!"

    Suddenly, he snaps his fingers. "Oh yeah, I never showed you guys!" He reaches to his belt and pulls away the second ball, pressing the button to call forth his Feebas. "Check it out!" He indicates the rainbow-colored scales that now adorn the otherwise plain fish. "I think Lotty's really responding well to being on my team! No doubt she'll turn some heads around the gym! Isn't she just the best?" He smiles and hugs her gently as her fins flap against his arms in a way that seems vaguely affectionate. Or as close as a fish can get to affectionate, at least.

    "Anyway... photo of the three of us and our teams?" Jim asks Al and Bea. He withdraws his third Pokeball and lets out Finn, who jumps in surprise at all the new faces, clearly still not used to being in a Pokeball.

    Finn sniffs the others carefully, suspiciously. Lots of new faces here, lots of attention to get! And some not so friendly faces too, like the weasel. No matter. Anyone who prods him even a little is in for the shock of a lifetime! He scurries up Jim's leg to his favorite high ground, the top of his trainer's head.

    "Finn, let's get a picture!" Jim says, offering Melissa his Pokedex. "Hey, would you mind taking a snapshot of the three of us? This is gonna be a great memory!" This time, he takes a heroic pose in front of the fountain with his hands on his hips, Eli on his shoulder, Lotty in his arms, and Finn flexing a pair of tiny arms on his hat.

    I picked up Pokemon Silver for 3DS last week, and I can't settle on a team. I forgot just how terrible most things' movepools were back in Gen 2. Plus stone and trade evos are out, so that sucks. Unless I can find someone else I know IRL who has one of these games, but... yeah not likely.

    Terrendos on
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    I really need a dictaphone instead of a steadily growing week-old draft

    ~ Route to Aquacorde ~
    Bonjour, Richter! How goes your journey? We at the lab were able to catch your match against Msr. Samuel on the television, a magnifique battle!
    I hope you are finding much to occupy your time in between battles and training. As we say in Kalos: Prenez le temps de vivre! You would say, I think, 'stop to smell flowers'. Is that right? Anyway, bon chance!

    -Prof. Sycamore
    Bonjour, Professor! Um, yes, that sounds about right.
    Maybe "Seize the day"? I'm not so sure I can be trusted around flowers...
    But yes! I am taking the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

    I guess the next gym for us is in Aquacorde?
    So that's where I am now.
    ... if you want to tune in later, I guess?

    Richter clicks his Pokédex shut as he glances back down at his plumbob.
    It doesn't appear to be registering anything.
    Richter has been walking up and down this quay, what appears to be the ferry terminus, for about an hour now.
    Surely the boat has arrived?
    Beatrix wrote:
    Hey guys! Made it to Aquacorde! Should we hang out somewhere? Maybe @ the gym? - B
    Richter wrote:
    Not sure when I received this, but I'm here now... Are you guys still at the gym? - R

    There is a -twig- on the end of the line as boat pulls up at the platform.
    It is decidely not a passenger ferry.

    The captain turns around to face his crew:
    "Thanks for taking a trip on the XTREME WIPEOUT JETBOAT EXPERIENCE!
    We hope you enjoyed the ride, and we look forward to taking you out again soon!
    As you disembark from the vessel, if you could place your life jackets in the bin provided, and remove all your personal effects from the boat and lockers, then we won't have to bring you back even sooner!
    Thank you once again!"

    Richter walks around the side of the boat, eying the water level suspiciously.
    There is a slight bubbling from the fore.
    "Hey North! You heard the man, ride's over!", Richter shouts at the water, tapping on the side of the boat.
    The captain continues to tie off the boat, paying more attention to the strange youth who is now in an argument with his boat.

    North grumbles, and drags himself up above the water line relunctantly.
    "There you are.", Richter announces as he gathers North off the hull.
    "Are you feeling better now?"
    North opens one eye pensively with arms crossed, to look at Richter.
    Keyanu also leans in, sheepishly floating over Richter's shoulder.

    And cops a jet of water in his face.
    "Ah! Good! You're back!"
    Richter embraces his pet rock gleefully, whilst the Pokémon beams from ear to ear.
    Even Keyanu can only muster a mild *tinkle*, as he spins himself dry.

    Reunited and restored at last, the trio set out to the Aquacorde gym.
    Perhaps having learned something.
    But definitely not wiser; Who doesn't check into their hotel first?

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
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    Isaac Emil - [Myth Maniac] - 5/5
    PKMN - [Omen: An Initiation]
    Sierra - 7/11
    Maven - 5/8

    ~Santalune Arena~

    "That didn't work too well..." Isaac bemoans. Is his luck running out? What was he missing? Isaac draws. WEVJj5B.gifWEVJj5B.gif


    "Sudden, destructive change, collapse... a turnabout... Maven! Check the ice for a weak point!"

    The Meowth skates about. a paw pointed down to [Dowse] for dangerously close water - thin ice. Finding a suitable spot, he throws a relaxed thumbs up to his trainer.

    "Sierra! Knock the Vivilion under the ice!"

    Once more Sierra seeks to slam a jam, ever so slightly modifying the use of her Trump Card [???/???/Powerful] so she won't go into the frigid water herself.

    Maven's eyes go glossy as he watches the Vivilion plummet, time seeming to blur and crawl to a halt as he languidly steps aside and observes the patterned wing bug fall through thin ice.

    Maven used Foresight! [Special/Normal/Priority] on enemy Vivilion!

    Rawkking Goodguy on
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    ~ Aquacorde Town Fountain Square~
    Terrendos wrote: »
    "So what're you guys up to?" he queries Al and Bea. "I was about to head in to the gym and get some practice in. Got to make sure the whole team's at our best for this next match!"

    "Same here actually. Wanted to know more about the Gym Leader too. Word on the street is said Leader was a friend for one of Kalos' Pokemon League Champs. Whoever it is, I bet they must be tougher than Samuel." she said matter-of-factly, her eyes locked at the Gym itself. "Heard the Gym isn't as hi tech as Santalune's as well."

    Her transceiver chimes.
    "Terrendos wrote:
    Not sure when I received this, but I'm here now... Are you guys still at the gym? – R

    She sends her own response.
    Near the town’s square! We’re taking photos! Look for us at the fountain! : ) - B
    P.S. Pokemon Center's full! Hotels are an option though. - B
    Terrendos wrote: »
    Suddenly, he snaps his fingers. "Oh yeah, I never showed you guys!" He reaches to his belt and pulls away the second ball, pressing the button to call forth his Feebas. "Check it out!" He indicates the rainbow-colored scales that now adorn the otherwise plain fish. "I think Lotty's really responding well to being on my team! No doubt she'll turn some heads around the gym! Isn't she just the best?" He smiles and hugs her gently as her fins flap against his arms in a way that seems vaguely affectionate. Or as close as a fish can get to affectionate, at least.

    "Anyway... photo of the three of us and our teams?" Jim asks Al and Bea.

    Moriarty takes a gander at Jim's newest team. The little rat was of little interest to the avian. As for the fish... well... it was a fish. If anything, all it did was remind him of a certain berry flavored candy back in Unova. Instead, he just remains perched on top of the Magnemite, fluffing his feathers to appear more grandeur. Vance merely eyed the Pichu with suspicions of his own.

    The fish did little to attract Bea's attention, but the little rat-like Pokemon proved otherwise. "Oh hey, that's a nice one... also pretty cute." She points toward Finn. She rummages through her bag until she pulls out her gift for the yellow beastie: a Poketoffee. She offers it to Finn.

    "As for a photo-op, I don't see why not..."

    Terrendos wrote: »
    I picked up Pokemon Silver for 3DS last week, and I can't settle on a team. I forgot just how terrible most things' movepools were back in Gen 2. Plus stone and trade evos are out, so that sucks. Unless I can find someone else I know IRL who has one of these games, but... yeah not likely.
    But in all seriousness, even though Gen 2 is still my favorite, balancing wasn't it's strong suit (that would be the enhancements it brought to the series, like gender/breeding, day/night cycle etc). Honestly, Gen 4 was where Pokemon really started to hit it's stride thanks to the Physical/Special Split.

    TiamatZ on
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