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[Poké] PKMN - Trainer Tested, Gym Leader Approved



  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    Happy New Years folks!

    Beatrix – P [][] /K [-] /M- /N[-][] / V [-][-]
    Moriarty – 6/8
    Vance - 6/8

    A small part of Beatrix felt a sense of looming dread about this whole scene. Barely even a week and she might mess this simple job up.

    But another felt a sense of curiosity getting the better of her. After all, this exchange between the two figures of authority has piqued her inquisitive interests as a detective. What was this about ‘backers’? Why was Samuel so tentative to Shirley’s inquiries? Was Samuel really hiding something? Or was Shirley’s supposed investigations really not as authorized as she might lead on?

    Or for that matter… why was Shirley getting so defensive about Kalos? Does she have a stake in this region?

    Maybe if she kept listening in (and provided Moriarty doesn’t get them into too much trouble), Beatrix might learn something more from Shirley’s investigations. At least her motive(s) behind this unauthorized inspection…

    Moriarty, unperturbed by the conversation going on, continues in his larcenous scheme, intending to just grab the card and return to his partner. Seriously, how can something so small cause such a fuss? Card’s probably not even edible, or even sweet…

    Noticing something of interest, the Murkrow makes his move. Well now, what have we here?

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited January 2
    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym): Yesterday ~

    Richter hastily flips open his notebook to a purple tinged page, drawing a chewed pencil out of his coat.

    Atop a rather detailed depiction of the poison flasks, a question mark is added beside a triumphant: BUG SPRAY! ?
    Thinking a second, another line is added: WEED KILLER ???

    A grassy explosion rocks the base of the tower, and Richter quickly shuts the book before he impinges on the helpful note: NORTH SAYS: STOP STEALING SALT SHAKERS

    Keyanu's in a bad way... and North's too slow to get there in time
    Richter sighs.
    I really need to start leading with my strongest Pokémon, although how a wall stands to that artillery...

    "Alright, Keyanu!", addressing the smarting fairy, who is seething almost as much as the vials, "Finish that mushroom bug off with another Flask!"
    "And North!"
    ... A smile stretches across Richter's face.
    "Use Body Slam on the other bug!"
    And here I thought this move was going to be less than spectacular
    So. Not sure what the Powerful tag will do on a Physical Rock Body Slam that's coming from the ceiling. The ground sort of resists that.

    The keening keyring flips around as it lets loose another purple projectile at it's aggressor.
    Richter tentatively retrieves the grass stained Pokéball in anticipation though.
    Even if the bomber is removed, the other bug remains, with North on the ceiling unable to help.

    North meanwhile has a headache.
    Everything is upside down and far away.
    His magnetism is currently holding him fast to the undercarriage of a steel support beam that runs the length of the gym.
    He's currently 'upright' on the roof, but hopping forward seems like a bad idea...

    ... Although
    Watching Keyanu angrily twirl below, North reaches 'down' and clamps his hands to the bottom edge of the I beam.
    Flipping over, the world rights itself.

    And then he hears the order.
    Walking hand over hand above the bug, North detaches himself from the ceiling.
    And with a slight guiding squirt of magnetic thrust, rapidly descends upon the second bug.

    discrider on
  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym): Yesterday ~

    As Aleks' Pokémon execute a two-pronged attack against the remaining bug, the Ace Trainer clenches one hand in a tight fist, whispering encouragement and leaning further and further forward. Once Samuel returns the Surskit, he leaps a clear four feet straight up and punches the air with a triumphant yell. A moment later, he composes himself and dips his head towards the Bug gym leader in a curt bow. "Thank you," he calls, before retrieving the revealed badge. The Sinnoh boy looks from badge to Gym Leader, a hint of moisture catching the light at the corners of his eyes. "Thank you," the youth repeats. Aleksandr then pins the badge to his messenger bag, and vaults over the railings around his podium. He dashes to the edge of the battle arena, just in time to meet Buizel and Rockruff as they finish shaking off the majority of the water from their battle. He scoops both up in a tight hug, and squeezes.

    They squeeze back, one stoic and satisfied, the other barking excitedly and threatening to wriggle straight out of the embrace. Borzoi's exuberance almost topples the youth, but he stands firm and continues hugging them for long, long moments. Speechless, triumphant and exhilerated. It's going to take some time before he can leave the arena and start planning his next training regimen.
    So, questions! 'An Ability' - is that an ability of my choice, for the Pokémon of my choice? Is there any info on Abilities I could read up on?

    What's the Focus move type? And which other TM access do we have, I totally forgot and wanted to note it on my sheet.

    Also, thanks! Really satisfying Gym battle! I guess this makes Aleksandr the first to beat Samuel, chronologically?

    3DS FCode: 1993-7512-8991
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow In the Wild Frontier Off the Beaten TrackRegistered User regular
    edited January 3
    Happy New Year, indeed.


    Speaking of, now that more than half the group has received their first badge, any comments or complaints about how the game is going so far?

    I know it's not really moving fast, and that's largely my fault due to being a non-posting piece of shit, but I'll see if I can get better about that.

    Other than that elephant, is there anything particularly enjoyable you'd like to see keep happening? Anything awful I need to stop doing? Is letting everyone split up willy-nilly and do their own thing working out or should I put more effort into plot to force the group to interact with each other more? Is there anything about the system that is still confusing (or is very broken and I haven't noticed it yet)?

    On that note, now's probably a good time to start deciding where the group (or individuals thereof) are likely to head next. Santalune Forest is nearby for those who feel the hankering for yet another addition to their team, or just to enjoy the unspoil't wilderness (and beat the local fauna up for Exp). Could also plot a course to another town if you're feeling confident and want to take a swing at another Gym while you're batting one-for-one.

    Also, may have a new player or two joining soon.

    Also, @Tommy2Hands , sup.
    Kay wrote: »
    So, questions! 'An Ability' - is that an ability of my choice, for the Pokémon of my choice? Is there any info on Abilities I could read up on?

    You choose the Ability and the Pokemon, yeah. I talked some about Abilities and how to make them in the first spoiler in this post.

    Old Voltage Rules page has some examples, and the GM Sanctum has some historical ones that have shown up on NPCs and generally been intentionally broken or silly.

    So far, Beatrix got Mold Breaker for Vance (ignore the effects of other Pokemon's Ability) and Jim got Marvel Scale for Lotty (Boost Defense when targeted by a Harass Style Move, I believe, forget which Anti-Ability was supposed to be replaced though).
    Kay wrote: »
    What's the Focus move type? And which other TM access do we have, I totally forgot and wanted to note it on my sheet.

    The Focus Move used as a Physical or Special Category acts as the next damaging Move the Pokemon uses was performed at +2 At/SA. The Status version makes the next damaging Move act as though it had a +4 At/SA bonus. It generally works as alternate Boosting Style, allowing you a greater bonus, but that bonus doesn't stack, and you lose it after using it. Still a very strong Style for many situations.

    I keep a list of TMs available at the top of the Secret Base (it's not a secret, anyone can go there). Style descriptions can usually be found in either the old Voltage Rules page under "CREATING A POKEMON", or the GM Sanctum (which is also open to players, but mostly has highly experimental rules).
    Kay wrote: »
    Also, thanks! Really satisfying Gym battle! I guess this makes Aleksandr the first to beat Samuel, chronologically?

    Also glad you liked it. They seem like they go pretty quick compared to some, but then this is relatively low Exp values, and relatively high focus on offense for this Gym, so more strategic battles will hopefully come up sooner or later.


    ~ Training Rooms (Santalune Gym) ~

    As the Junior Trainer listens in, and Moriarty creeps forward, the strange conversation continues.

    "What unusualness brings you to Kalos, then?" Samuel replies. "And what does it have to do with me?"
    "Nothing, I hope. For both our sakes." Shirley shoots back, cryptically. Samuel merely crosses his arms and glares. Shirley sighs, holding up her hands in defeat.
    "I'm keeping tabs on the Rivals," she admits. Samuel's glare disappears, replaced with... apprehension.
    "For less than a week, that we know of. That's not the worst of it, by far. They've recruited." Samuel gives this further admission on Shirley's part a moment of dour deliberation.
    "A fifth Rival," he finally comments.
    "The Rival Five," Shirley agrees. "Has a bit of a ring to it."

    The lurking Murkrow has had ample time to warily shift up next to the supposed Interpol Agent, eyeing greedily at the pockets on the woman's lengthy jacket.

    "And the newest... member?" Samuel asks.
    "Classified," Shirley replies, before waving a hand in disregard. "As far as we can tell a minor Kanto criminal. Con artist, more or less," she adds, causing Samuel to grunt in dismay.
    "Yeah, not a good sign, considering," Shirley agrees.
    "Interpol - going to take action?" the Gym Leader asks, the merest hint of threat in his voice. Shirley raises her hands slightly higher, as if she were now the one potentially being arrested here.
    "No," she says flatly. "Observation only. No action in Kalos, no action at all if we can help it." Samuel looks relieved. "I guess we can say your reasons for being here, then, are..." Shirley leads questioningly.
    "Unrelated," Samuel admits, taking a breath. "Nothing from the League, or anything else. I just thought Kalos would be a better environment," he pauses. "For..."
    "Your daughter. I understand," Shirley cuts in, sympathetically turning her head to the side.

    With a silent flap of his wings, Moriarty takes the moment of movement and distraction to leap up, thrusting a beak into Shirley's pocket. Sticking his landing, and holding something flat and black in his mouth, he begins retreating back to the door, and Beatrix, with almost comedic glee at his successful thievery.

    "I suppose I can count on you to help me out here, then? Keep an eye on things," Shirley offers, tentatively.
    "If I can count on you for the same," Samuel accedes, cautiously.
    "Good," Shirley replies, lowering her hands and taking a few steps forward. "You know the protocol?" She asks, offering a hand.
    "No electronic messages. Courier or held mail only," Samuel acknowledges, giving her hand a quick, professional shake.
    "Good," the woman repeats. "I'll be in touch. Good luck with your Gym," she says, turning towards the exit. "And your City."


    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym) ~

    "Karrablast! Paras! Take out the Klefki while you have it outnumbered!" Samuel commands his two Pokemon, who begin to converge on the weakened Keyanu.

    Weakened but undaunted, the Fairy gives a screech and flings another smoking vial at the scuttling Paras, the noxious substance exploding through the woven webbing before the Bug Type can make any attempt to attack or defend.

    Keyanu used Repel Flask!
    Paras took 3 Damage!
    It's Super Effective!

    Overcome by the eyecrossingly-bad scent of the anti-Pokemon item, the Paras slips into unconsciousness, Samuel returning the defeated Pokemon with a grimace.

    Paras Fainted!

    "Karrablast, keep it on its toes," the Gym Leader calls out, confidently. "Use your X-Scissor!"

    Hissing an affirmation, the Clamping Pokemon rushes at Keyanu with its tiny arms crossed in front of it. Glimmering like little daggers, its claws sweep outwards as it dashes past the irate Klefki, scoring a pair of lines into the Steel Type's hard surface.

    Karrablast used X-Scissor!
    Keyanu took 1 Damage!
    It's not very Effective...

    Slowly lowering its arms after coming to a stop, the Bug Type throws a look over its shoulder at its foe, promising more where that came from.

    Karrablast is getting pumped! (Focus +2)

    Having gotten with the program, the distant North flings himself down from his ceiling perch, throwing a little electromagnetic push into it because, hey, why the heck not?

    Accelerating, the little-railgun-pellet-that-could whistles through the air above the arena, the Geodude's eventual impact nothing more than a sudden blur and an explosion of dust and concrete as it strikes the posing Karrablast.

    North used Body Slam!
    Karrablast took 3 Damage!

    Slammed into the ground, the transfer of energy is really rather efficient. Instead of being tossed through the air in the aftermath, the Bug Type is forced to take the full effect of being struck by the Alolan Geodude's bulk, with crippling results.

    Karrablast was Paralyzed!
    (Karrablast's Speed Sharply Fell!)

    Badly staggered, the Karrablast gets back to its feet. Barely.

    (It was... Super Effective!)

    Oop. Wait nope. There it goes, down again. Badass comeback is canceled, sorry.

    Karrablast fainted! :whistle:

    Reaching out, Samuel returns his last Pokemon to its Pokeball.

    Battle Status
    Caught In The Web (Deals Hazard [Bug] Damage on entry, [Trapped] until struggles free)
    Free And Clear (No special properties)
    - Karrablast [ --­--xx ] Fainted
    - Keyanu [ |--­-- ]
    - North [ |||||-- ]
    In The Weave (Deals Hazard [Bug] Damage on entry, unless very careful)
    - Paras [ --­-­-- ] Fainted
    Attached to the Ceiling (Ranged moves deal +1 damage, dropping down grants Physical Moves +2 damage)

    Marshmallow on
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    It being a Rock move, Body Slam was not super effective @Marshmallow ?

  • MarshmallowMarshmallow In the Wild Frontier Off the Beaten TrackRegistered User regular


  • MarshmallowMarshmallow In the Wild Frontier Off the Beaten TrackRegistered User regular
    edited January 3
    Grumble, grumble, Body Slam as a Rock Move, grumble.

    Previous post slightly edited.

    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym) ~

    "A lightning-fast slam dunk!" The announcer shouts as the crowd applauds politely. "With no Pokemon remaining, Gym Leader Samuel has been defeated!"

    "You battled your own way, and it seems even I can still be surprised," Samuel calls over, slightly amused. "In recognition of your style, your spirit, and the teamwork shown by your Pokemon, I would like for you to accept the Santalune Gym's Bug Badge," he continues, pressing a button in front of him that causes a hollow to be revealed in Richter's booth, holding the promised token of victory.

    "You may also claim the use of TM 21, which can be used to teach a Focus Move. I'm sure you will find... interesting uses, if you decide it's to your liking."

    Well, that was easy!

    Gym Leader Samuel was Defeated!
    North and Keyanu each gain 5 exp!
    Richter gained 10 Trainer exp!
    An Ability has been unlocked for one of Richter's Pokemon!
    Richter gained TM 21 (Focus)!
    Richter gained +1 Max Voltage!

    Marshmallow on
  • Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
    Isaac Emil - [Myth Maniac] - 5/5
    PKMN - [Omen: An Initiation]
    Sierra - 11/11
    Maven - 8/8

    ~Near Santalune Gym~ :whistle:

    At a table in front of the Wild Psyduck Burger, an eevee arches her back and turns from inspecting her trainer's croque-monsieur towards the sudden commotion of him slamming his elbow into the side of the table in excitement.

    The thin teenager with messy blue hair almost perpetually obscuring his left eye rubs his elbow as he attempts to divine a meaning from the card.


    "The Hierophant, upright. Look at this, Sierra! We're fated to become part of something greater than ourselves." The eevee looks at Isaac with skepticism. "Well no, probably not the gym itself, unless we run into a bug-type quickly."

    WEVJj5B.gif spent! Gained support [Omen: An Initiation].

    Grabbing the sandwich, Isaac stands, the billowing tailwind blowing against his coat bolstering his confidence in his prognostic. "Our path is clear: to Santalune Gym!"

    Sierra wilts in apprehension, walking in the shadow of her trainer.

    "Do you think they will have snazzy uniforms?"

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    Aaaaah, choices! Torn between some stuff like this:

    Swift Swim: - When using a Water (or Ice?) attack, the user is considered to have +1 Spd, Atk and Sp.Atk for the move. (Or just +2/+3 bonus speed.)
    Competitive - When a enemy Pokemon in the same Arena uses a Boosting Style Move, this Pokemon also benefits from it.
    Pressure - Moves that damage this Pokemon are Locked until the end of their User's next turn.

    They all seem pretty much in line with Volnoy's fighting style (especially Competitive), but I'm not sure that Swift Swim is balanced, especially with the bonus speed increasing health temporarily - that could be neat as a sort of temp-hp damage shield effect? So fast it's hard to hit them? I do love Swift Swim, though.

    There are gonna be some training montages. I think Sila needs a Focus move, and Borzoi needs some better type coverage.

    3DS FCode: 1993-7512-8991
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow In the Wild Frontier Off the Beaten TrackRegistered User regular
    I was already thinking of Swift Swim due to Lotty, actually. And had considered a provisional something along the lines of:
    Each round that this Pokemon spends using a Water Type Move, or being exposed to moderate amounts of water (such as splashing in puddles, or being caught in the rain), their Speed is Boosted by +1.

    Furthermore, if the Pokemon is fully immersed in a natural (non-Move) source of water, they immediately max out their Speed bonus (+4).

    Same general idea as yours, but with tamer, albeit more lasting effects and a nice, built-in 'gotcha' assuming you can start a fight near a river, pool, or in the ocean. I like abilities that give you an incentive to work towards, and ambushing stuff near water, or while its raining, or even attempting to set off fire sprinklers in a building, is a nice touch. It also comes with the fair assumption that whatever has it is, well, a 'swift swimmer'. Anything attempting to outspeed or outmaneuver it in open water can be safely assumed to be shit outta luck unless it has some equally strong token of its own aquatic fitness.

    Incidentally, one of my favorite instances of an Ability also functioning similar to a Quirk or an Assist is a Joltik that had Infiltrator (Ignore Defensive bonuses, the first time you strike an enemy you deal 1 additional HP damage as a Harass effect).

    Ignoring Defenses was nice but very niche, so adding the little damage bonus gave it some mechanical oomph, and also meant you were encouraged to split your attacks between as many foes as possible to stack up HP damage (This was before Sapping was created, otherwise having that as a 'bleed' effect would have worked well, also). Given that the Joltik was 4 inches, and was being trained by a ninja, I also decided that being an 'Infiltrator' came with a bonus to the [Sneak] Assist, allowing a great deal of resistance to being detected, even by something spending tokens to try and spot it. So you end up with a tiny, silent assassin slipping around the Areas as a half-noticed blur in the corner of everyone's eye, leaping out to jab something in its weak spot before slipping back into the shadows.

    That's the kind of shit I like. Fun times.

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    ~ Santalune Arena (Santalune Gym): Yesterday ~

    Borzoi's taken something of a beating, Aleksandr thinks to himself as he rubs over the wriggling and excited Rockruff's back and shoulders, And I know Volnoy took a couple of solid hits, not that he'd ever admit to it. He stands, and scoops the Puppy Pokémon up in his arms, and hugs her to his chest before addressing his Buizel. "Let's get you two fixed up, then go for a jog, light dinner, then maybe watch some Elite Four invitationals before bed," he suggests.

    Volnoy nods, and leans in to bat at Borzoi's tail while the Rockruff squirms and struggles in her trainer's grip. She's strong enough to break free, but soothing whispers from Al as well as an absent-minded kiss to the back of one of her ears keeps her from escaping her indignity.

    The Ace Trainer then turns to make his way out of the battle arena, and unless he's stopped by anyone, he slips out and makes for the Pokécenter. But not before querying at the front desk to the schedule for any other gym leader challenges. He makes a note in his Pokétch and carries on his way.

    ~ Santalune Pokécenter: Yesterday~

    "And here they are, all healed up!" says the cheery attendant. Her accent is fairly light, and she speaks near-perfect Unovan. "Hopefully there'll be some highlights on TV tonight, I didn't get to see the whole battle. Your Rockruff's funny," she offers with a smile.

    "Thank you, she is quite the handful. Doesn't quite know when to stop playing," Aleksandr replies with a nod. "I shall keep an eye on the TV too, and maybe ask for a recording of the battle so I may watch, see where I could improve. Samuel is a great trainer, as is his daughter."

    That gets a strange look, but no comment, from the Pokécenter lady. Aleks makes his way up to his room in the meantime, to get changed for a long jog, and to check up on the battle arena times. He'd like to at least spectate the challenges he's sure his travelling companions are making.

    3DS FCode: 1993-7512-8991
  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    ~Santalune Gym, yesterday~

    Richter remembers to breathe as the dust clears, one hand affixed to the platform's railing, the other strangling Keyanu's Pokéball.

    As North picks himself up, rubbing the rock dust from his arms, it is all Richter can do to take in the height of the dissipating dust column, and the breadth of the small crater surrounding the unfortunate Bug Pokémon.

    North flicks a thumbs up to the temporarily inert Keyanu.
    Keyanu shortly responds in kind, flicking his many attached appendages at North; an assault for leaving it alone on the battlefield, or rather, he backs up, he had both those bugs where he wanted them.
    North nods an apology.

    Suddenly a look of concern crosses North's face, as he points at the crowd.
    Keyanu turns to look.

    And is knocked on his face by a small earth spike.

    North starts heading around the arena, picking up the empty flasks, with Keyanu continuously barraging him with his host of attached 'keys'.

    The Bug badge, Richter muses, pinning it to the inside of his coat.
    I ..I thought I was in this for the money, but that battle.. we cleaned up faster than the others we watched.
    'Uh, thanks for the battle. Can, can I get down now?'


    ~Santalune, yesterday~

    Richter flicks idly through the pages of his notepad.
    He's managed to get a few good sketches of the other fights at the gym to analyse, but at the moment he's more focused on trying to find some clarity.
    Today went... really well. North's display was impressive, and wasn't that what we were looking for? To discover that kind of stuff?
    But.. what does that achieve? If I can train my Pokémon to beat the other Gym Leaders as soundly, then I guess I become Champion? Is that what I want to do?

    Richter musses his hair.
    North and Keyanu are sleeping on top of Richter's backpack, as he ferries them both back to the Pokécenter.

    But we did see some cool stuff today. And so long as we continue traveling, we'll continue to see cool stuff.
    I suppose it doesn't really matter where we end up. Perhaps one of the others will make Champion, and we'll get to see it.

    Perhaps we just need to slow down some. Head off the beaten track. See things that no-one else has seen and get a better view of the big picture.
    After all, anything's better than milling around back home, retracing the same steps over and over.

    Richter smiles, the old wanderlust grabbing him again.

    But first, we really need to find somewhere that does a good rock polish.
    So honestly, I think I'd prefer some more direction with the plot.
    Beatrice seems to be riffing well off herself, but Richter sort of feels like he's following the Gym trail because it's the thing that is in front of him.
    I guess I can try to direct things a bit more, but I'm not sure if I can do that.

    Perhaps I've written myself into a corner, and am struggling to figure out who Richter wants to be, and so where he should go.
    Perhaps I should just look at a map of X/Y and pick a likely spot to head out to :P

  • TiamatZTiamatZ Ghost puns The Banette of my existenceRegistered User regular
    edited January 11
    Beatrix – P [][] /K [-] /M- /N[-][] / V [-][-]
    Moriarty – 6/8
    Vance - 6/8

    ~ Training Rooms (Santalune Gym) ~

    As the two continue on with their discussion, the observant Beatrix scribbles down notes profusely.

    Even IF Moriarty got caught (and by extension, herself) at least the junior detective finally uncovered Shirley’s intentions concerning her (unwarranted?) visit in Kalos. Whoever these ‘Rival Four Five’ were, they merited to be observed by an organization as large as Interpol. When was the last time Interpol got involved with groups like these again? When a criminal organization or Team got involved with nefarious (and illegal) matters?

    Still, these notes should be more than enough evidence for Director Emma. If anything, maybe she could use her contacts to locate these ‘Rivals’ (made somewhat easier now that Beatrix managed to scrawl the fifth members’ specifics).

    The lurking Murkrow has had ample time to warily shift up next to the supposed Interpol Agent, eyeing greedily at the pockets on the woman's lengthy jacket.

    Grabbing the black card from Moriarty’s mouth, she ruffles his feathers. “Honestly Moriarty, I’m not sure if I ought to scold you or praise you. Let’s blow this pop stand… and maybe find an actual pop stand to celebrate this occasion. What do you say, partner?”

    The avian merely gives a satisfactory squawk before roosting back on his favorite spot: on Bea’s shoulders. See kid, had you just let good old Moriarty just do this from the start everything would'a been done sooner.

    As she started to turn around to vacate the area, a thought occurred to her. But first

    By the time Shirley leaves the Training room proper, she notices a stack of papers lying nearby, her name written on a note.
    Officer Shirley,

    Please find attached the itinerary regarding every summary and detail of every meeting here at the Trainer's School... as per your specifications.

    Warm Regards,


    ~ Outside Santalune City Gym ~

    Planting those notes there would probably give me enough time to do what I need to do in Santalune before Shirley wises up and actually contacts the school personally, she thought to herself, leaving the Gym's premises in a hurry.

    Then again... it might give her the idea she's being watched...?



    Nah! I don't think Officer Shirley's THAT paranoid... right?

    She glances at the Darkness Pokemon perched onto her shoulder, who in turn offers a curious stare right back at her, before shrugging.

    Moriarty was keeping an eye out, as usual. Not for any odd strangers this time, but more likely which shop or store sold the most deliciously looking treat for him to sink his taste buds into.

    As Beatrix rushes her way towards the Pokemon Center, she inspects the card more closely...



    Speaking of, now that more than half the group has received their first badge, any comments or complaints about how the game is going so far?

    Other than that elephant, is there anything particularly enjoyable you'd like to see keep happening? Anything awful I need to stop doing? Is letting everyone split up willy-nilly and do their own thing working out or should I put more effort into plot to force the group to interact with each other more? Is there anything about the system that is still confusing (or is very broken and I haven't noticed it yet)?
    Other than the pacing issues (but that's something I need to get used to again in PbP games), not much, really.
    discrider wrote: »
    Perhaps I should just look at a map of X/Y and pick a likely spot to head out to :P
    This should help out. A handy dandy wiki article on Kalos with all the people and places in it. It also has a map to boot.

    TiamatZ on
  • TerrendosTerrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular
    ~ Santalune Pokecenter ~

    Jim and his team cheer on their friends (though Eli seems to also cheer for the bugs attacking Volnoy) as they battle and Jim rushes down to offer his congratulations afterwards, but as soon as he's witnessed them all he heads back to the Pokemon Center to get them healed up. With all three of them sitting on the floor, he offers them a more thorough debriefing of their battle with Samuel.

    "Okay guys, I really think we're getting a good grasp on how we work as a team. Lotty, you tank, Eli, you're the firepower, simple as that! Just, really amazing teamwork, you two. I knew my Trainer's Eye was spot on with both of you!"

    Eli offers a congratulatory "Wii!" to Lotty, who flops around rather vigorously and whose scales suddenly take on a much brighter sheen.

    Jim eyes the change with an air of caution. Is she sick? He's heard rumors of a disease called Pokerus being spread around Pokecenters. "What's wrong, Lotty? You feeling alright?" Jim asks. He opens his Pokedex to give her a quick scan. Something is peculiar indeed, as the 'Dex begins to flash. Jim presses a few buttons to figure out the cause.

    "Huh. What's Marvel Scale?" he asked. He pushes another button. "Wow! Lotty, that's so cool!" He lifts her up into a hug as her flopping subsides. And is it just him, or does she seem a little more... competent?

    Charlotte replaces [Dull] with [Marvel Scale]!

    New Ability:
    Marvel Scale

    When this Pokemon is targeted by a Harassing move, boost Defense by +2.

    Jim's excitement is palpable. "Oh man, we've got to go try this out!" He glances down at his watch. "The others probably won't be ready to leave just yet... let's head out to the road and see if we can find anything interesting! After all, we still need to catch another team mate or two! And if we happen to run into the others, we can always go together." He stands up from the floor and takes a glance at the map of the town on the Pokecenter wall. "Hmm... we already saw all the cool stuff on Route 5. Let's head to the forest! I bet there's lots of cool Pokemon there!" Maybe even the Electric type he needs to complete his trifecta. He calls back Lotty and Eli and marches out to the woods south of town.
    That wasn't me hinting for a Pikachu, Marsh, by the way. No doubt Kay would mock me endlessly for putting such an overexposed Pokemon on my team.

    OOC: Keeping my character/Pokemon stats here for posterity to contain the most recent exp/voltage gains:
    Name: James "Jim" Veidt
    Class: Junior Trainer
    Physique: 0
    Knowledge: 1/1
    Mobility: 0
    Network: 2/2
    Voltage: 4/4
    Inventory: Father's Watch, Weathered Journal
    Trainer Exp: 16

    Name: Elijah "Eli"
    Species: Litwick
    Type: Fire/Ghost
    Exp: 12/36
    Loyalty: Friendly
    Demeanor: Playful
    Need: Entertainment
    Quirk: Brightens when nervous
    Weak: Water, Dark, Rock
    Resist: Grass, Fighting, Steel, Normal, Fairy
    Ember [Ranged/Special/Fire]
    Astonish [Powerful/Special/Ghost]
    Fiery Dance [Special/Boosting (SA)/Fire]
    Stamina: 8
    HP - 3 At - 2 Df - 3
    Sp - 2 SA - 4 SD - 3
    Assists: [Burn], [Phasing]

    Name: Charlotte "Lotty"
    Species: Feebas
    Type: Water/Normal
    Exp: 12/25
    Loyalty: Friendly
    Demeanor: Depressive
    Need: Hope
    Quirk: Creative and Organized
    Weak: Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fighting, Flying, Grass
    Resist: Bug, Fire, Ghost, Ground, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Water
    Splash [Status/Useless/Water]
    Tackle [Physical/Useless/Normal]
    Flail [Physical/Mobile/Normal]
    Drench [Physical/Harassing (Df)/Water]
    Stamina: 6
    HP - 2 At - 2 Df - 2
    Sp - 2 SA - 2 SD - 4
    Assists: [Swim]
    Abilities: [Untalented], [Marvel Scale]

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    ~Santalune - Yesterday?~

    Richter studied the horizon as he walked through the town.
    At the Pokécenter there had a been a sun-tanned jockey who had brought his Rhyhorn in for a heal.
    Apparently there was a race track just a short distance away from here, and Richter could half imagine that he could hear the racers rumbling back and forth.

    The town itself didn't seem to be very big, and before long he found himself out the front of the self-proclaimed 'TRAINERS SCHOOL'.
    Pulling his lab coat to, Richter grimaces somewhat as he marches up to the door.
    'Repetitive unearned book theory', he mutters, feeling however lost and looking for any subject matter worthy of study.

    However, on the second knock, he is taken aback.
    'Ah! You're right on time. Come inside!', an old man beams through the open door.
    'I'm sure the kids will have a fine time listening to all your adventures. And perhaps you'll have a fine time listening to mine.'
    Richter glances a look back at North, who simply shrugs.
    Keyanu is also uncharacteristically quiet.

    Richter creeps in after the retreating man.
    'Ah, I think there's a mistake? I was looking for some information about Kalos. I don't know if your school has any resources I can use...'
    The old man turns around, twinkling.
    'No mistake. And we have the most important resource: Tea. Follow me and I'll introduce you to the kids.'
    Richter falls in line after the man; This might be a long night.

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