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    This thread made me interested in the Battleborn users versus other games. Things continue to get increasingly grim for Gearbox's hero shooter. Battleborn has steadily declined. And basically all the other games I looked at were fairly constant (congrats to PUBG for gaining ground). Evolve's average of 500 players is nothing to brag about, but it's holding while Battleborn just slipped down to the level of Team Fortress ... Classic. These are log-scale plots so each major division is 10 times as big as the previous one.
    And in the world of successful games, even Smite has 2 orders of magnitude more current users than Battleborn.
    Side note: look how steady Team Fortress 2 is. The other games have about the same kind of swing, regardless of how popular they are, but TF2 is tight.

    All data was harvested from Steamspy's Hourly Concurrent Users stat.

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