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Webcomics/Illustrations or ican'tthinkofasnappytitlejustgowithit by Alex Smith

AlexSmithAlexSmith Registered User regular
Hey Y'all! My names Alex, and I literally haven't posted here since 2014 (yikes), but I thought I'd pop in and put up some of my art if anyone is interested to see! Also, I seriously can't find any other online communities with an active, good art scene and you all seem really nice!


Some The Adventure Zone art I did at the beginning of this year of Tres Horny Bois


Some stand-alone illustrations


A re-draw of an old page from my webcomic, NO_SUN [link in the signature]. This is part of my patreon/going towards me releasing a published edition later this year. [link to the original page for those interested]

That's all!

C&C welcome!





  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Welcome back! You have some pretty rad shit going on, really enjoy all the little details and textures. The adventure zone stuff is fun!

    I like the pallet on your first one, and really enjoy your flat colors. I think the sort of soft black gradient on the magnius one are a bit weird, its placed more like you just wanted to make an object here or there pop out than actually lighting it. Its hard to skate the line between "Im not shading this" and "I'm going to light this consistently", so thats something to watch out for.

    Overall you have some fun shapes, the yellow jacket guys are by far my favorites.

  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    edited June 27
    Great stuff! I love the TAV boys.
    The typography is a little rough, the hand drawn look of it's fine but the style and color don't seem to fit doesn't fit with the rest of the piece.

    Doodmann on
  • SeveredHeadSeveredHead Registered User regular
    i like the energy in these, the designs are great but some of the characters like the witch on the broom look a little stiff

  • bombardierbombardier mr. mully Vancouver, BCModerator mod
    I approve of any and all TAZ art.

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