Adobe illustrator Problem. I need fast help.

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I am using adobe illustrator to make vector pics for a class. I was doing my work when all of a sudden all the color disappeared. I don't know what I did. The lines are all there, just no colors. Where did all the color go and how do i get it back?

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    Select the lines, go to the window menu and choose Colour (or if it is already selected, find the colour pallet), in the colour pallet, make sure that the line/stroke colour is selected (there's a box with a box outline overlapping it, click on the box outline to bring it to the front), use the sliders to select a colour (Or pick a colour from the swatches pallet).

    If you want to change the fill colour, do the same thing only click on the box to bring it to the front.

    Alternatively, hit ctrl-z to undo anything you did until the colour reappears.

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