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Any other British Columbians from the Interior of BC heading down?

evileyeballevileyeball Registered User regular
My wife and I and two friends all got tickets but unfortunately between the four of us we have 2 drivers and 1 small car which would be dificult with 4 people and large luggage for 4 people
If we had other people who wanted to form some sort of travel group to split poeple up between cars it would work better than what we have now.

I know there used to be some sort of hunge Canadian Super trip that was organized here on these forums but it looks like that hasn't happened for a few years.

In previous trips down we had either 3 Drivers and my wife and I (who don't drive) and 2 Cars in our group or Just 1 Driver and 1 Car which allways worked out but this year it is no the case.

We are in Kelowna BC ourselves but love meeting other nerdy people with similar tastes.

Of course if we did manage to set up something involving more cars/people than what our group of 4 currently consists of My wife and I would gladly fling gas money to the driver of whatever transportation it might be that we end up in.

We checked the bus and greyhound was OK price wise (more than gas money for someone would be but not super bad) it just had TERRIBLE TIMING in that you have to leave Wednesday from Kelowna to get to Seattle Thursday morning otherwise you get in to Seattle after 10am on friday and end up missing the beggining of the con. :(

Even if nothing works out from this post I thought it doesn't hurt to see if there were other Interior BC people heading down.

I have posted similar on /r/kelowna and I belong to a pax group on Facebook where I plan to make a similar post


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    BiweeklyAaronBiweeklyAaron Registered User regular
    If space is a problem maybe you can rent or borrow a bigger car?

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    RoundtopRoundtop Pathfinder Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular
    Take Greyhound to Vancouver (either overnight trip arriving at 5:30am thurs, or stay overnight in van) on Wed, then take Amtrak to Seattle (leaves at 6:30am on Thursday). Gets you to downtown seattle before noon.

    If you can sleep on a bus, the 10pm wed night departure might work for you. As long as it isn't late arriving in Vancouver, you are just in time to board the train to seattle.

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