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[pbp] City of Mist - V is for "Going Viral"



  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    Okay, so depending how much the roll is intended to cover - the examination, the hack or both, I can probably justify 2-3 of my divinations:
    + I know stuff
    + Scanning area
    + Bypassing security
    We didn't lock down the stuff for the team so I'll ignore that for now. I'll split the difference and call it 2 for now. So unless I'm missing anything:
    Geth roll 2d6+2 for Investigate

    2d6+2 8 [2d6=2, 4]

  • Mahou So-soMahou So-so Registered User regular
    We'll go ahead and let it cover your poking about in the Admin building. You get 2 Clues. What 2 questions do you want to ask?

  • MaclayMaclay Registered User regular
    Questions is hard...

    I think I have to go with:
    "Which building is the target running his operation out of?"
    "Can we get any sort of live feed of said building?"

  • Mahou So-soMahou So-so Registered User regular
    Sorry, guys. My wife has been out of town, so I've been a single dad for the past few days. She's coming back tonight though, so I should be back to the way things started tomorrow!

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