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[IC] Apocalypse World: Welcome to the Jungle



  • AladornAladorn Registered User regular
    edited August 30

    Oh, you piece of... Grave's mind is a whirlwind of insults and want of doing harm, but he knows that Rainmaker has him by the jewels, and Grave needs to play nice.

    Grave talks a lot with his hands. He's very animated throughout his speech. "Look Maker, Paradise needs the Canopy. These folks need a distraction from the suck of the jungle. I give that to them. Paradise needs you. You get them the Cola. You and I, we're holding Paradise together. If either of us go, soon folks will move on to someplace wetter, or someplace that can distract them from the drudge. Why kill the milker when they're still milking? You're smarter than this. We work together. I let you be the only one trading Cola into the Canopy. No one else brings anything in, and you're the only one there to kill the thirst for the next few shows. In return, you give me and my crew enough Cola to refill our supply and get back on our feet."

    Take the deal you bastard.

    "We both win. My Canopy draws in all the holdings every night. People don't want to leave to go get Cola, they'll barter for it. On top of that folks now know Maker has the purest Cola out there... or you can piss that away for a few meals, but you and I know that you're smarter than that." Grave keeps a sly smile on his face. It's a good deal. He's got to take it.

    Geth, roll 2d6+2 for Manipulating Maker

    On a 7–9, they’ll go along with you, but they need some concrete assurance, corroboration, or evidence first.

    Manipulating Maker:
    2d6+2 9 [2d6=6, 1]

    Aladorn on
    Grave the Maestro D'
  • dragonslayer0429dragonslayer0429 Registered User regular
    edited August 30
    Geth, roll 2d6+1

    Is your character telling the truth?
    What's your character really feeling?
    What does your character intend to do?

    2d6+1 10 [2d6=3, 6]

    dragonslayer0429 on
    Amber the Battlebabe
  • TheySeeMeRollinTheySeeMeRollin The MC Registered User regular
    @Gnashing Maw
    Nix smiles. "I am very glad to hear that."

    She gives you the details. Her operation is decidedly small-batch - hardly surprising - but a little goes a long way. She says she can get you a couple of crates a month, maybe more if you can trade it faster. She offers to drop off shipments at the Canopy, since you seem to spend a lot of your time there anyway. At the end of her spiel, she reaches across the table for a handshake. "That sound good to you?"

    ooc: handwaving quantities so I don't have to sketch out post-industrial supply chains :P

    The bugs scatter out of your way when you move. Given that they were all over the door, you figure that it's safe to touch, as far as that goes. Now that the door is clear, you can see that the handle is rusted away, leaving a small, rust-clogged hole where it used to be. The hinges are long gone.

    ooc: Tell me how you try to get the door open and roll for Acting Under Fire (the "fire" in this case being that the door is rusted in place and not going to open without effort).

    The Rainmaker leans back in his seat, hand on his chin like he's thinking it over. He looks at you with narrowed eyes for a moment. Finally he leans forward and puts his elbows on the table. "Truth is, Grave, I don't need your business; and I got to think of my reputation. Word gets out I extended charity to the Canopy, that'll upset some of my customers. However, what I do need is able bodies to watch my collectors. You loan me a couple of your fighters for a few days a month, plus the usual fee, and I'll get you all the cola you need."

    Is he smirking? He might be smirking.

    Is your character telling the truth?
    He hasn't actually said much, but he's not lying.
    What's your character really feeling?
    He's hoping you'll show up tonight, but he won't be too torn up if you don't.
    What does your character intend to do?
    He's going to keep walking the block, looking for people who look like they don't know what to do with themselves. He has no intention to harm you; if you show up at the Beetle, you won't be robbed or kidnapped or anything.

  • Gnashing MawGnashing Maw The Driver Registered User regular
    Maw clasps her hand "Fine, but we keep this between ourselves, this extra jingle might attract the wrong kind of attention." Maw gets up and leaves;

    Maw The Driver
  • AladornAladorn Registered User regular

    Oh you crafty piece of

    "Deal. Need the Cola t'night to cover tha show. I'll let my crew know yours is coming. I'll even throw in some good seats for yours if they want. Let it not be said Grave is not giving." Grave gives a low bow to Rainmaker.

    I'll get you back. Not you or anyone else is gonna stop me. I'll add yours to my Canopy as well soon enough.

    Grave turns and leaves (assuming Rainmaker doesn't stop him) and heads straight to the Canopy to make sure tonight's respectacle is ready and then he's going to head back into the holding to start advertising and looking into anyone who might want to try their hand at the Arena. He's also going to send a runner to find Amber and make his weekly offer to have her join his crew.

    Grave the Maestro D'
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