PC shuts down with very loud fan noise [SOLVED]

SharpyVIISharpyVII Registered User regular
In the past few days my pc has now shut down randomly when playing games.

The screen goes black but the pc stays on with an extremely loud fan noise coming from the back of the pc.

Thinking it was overheating I've installed another fan and moved the tower to a better ventilated area.

Unfortunately this didn't help as it has done it twice this morning playing diablo 3.

I installed Msi afterburner and the log shows CPU and GPU temps as normal with no spikes or anything so I'm thinking it may be the psu?

The psu came with the pc approximately 4 or 5 years ago when I bought it new.

I've noticed a general sluggishness in the pc despite a fresh windows installation recently.

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    Al_watAl_wat Registered User regular
    does this happen with any game or just diablo 3?

    have you overclocked your cpu or gpu?

    in my experience, overclocking GPUs especially can cause diablo 3 to crash your computer. On my current computer I don't seem to be having any problems with CPU overclocks causing diablo 3 to crash, but on previous computers I have had that issue. GPU overclocks on my current computer do cause diablo 3 to crash. Its strange, i don't have issues with other games.

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    SharpyVIISharpyVII Registered User regular
    Thanks for the reply @Al_wat

    I haven't overclocked anything and it happens on other games.

    However, I think I've sorted it now by replacing the psu.

    I was driving past a store so bought a new one on a whim.

    Played diablo with no problems for an hour and the pc is quieter and I'm not having the problems with programmes I was having this morning.

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