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Coming to Pax West - Pinny Pals After Dark: Let's Draw! Panel

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edited August 2017 in PAX West
Pinny Pals After Dark is proud to announce a live Let's Draw panel coming to Pax West 2017! Featuring community artists as well as special guest artists who you might actually know, we'll create some digital art as enamel pin design concepts based on wacky prompts. This is an absolute can't miss event for those who love pins, art, laughter and love.

Confirmed Schedule:

When: Friday, September 1st at 9:30PM
Where: Hyatt, Hippogryph theater
Who: Pinny Pals After Dark and guests

PPAD hosts Adam Bargmeyer and Hingo will moderate the action with community artists Sam Hartford and Chelsea Austin (thefawnn). Special guests include Amy Falcone (The C-Team/Clique Refresh), and Kris Straub* (The C-Team/Chainsaw Suit).

*Kris' attendance is dependent on scheduling availability the day of.

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