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[OOC] The OGs of Marathon

Gnashing MawGnashing Maw The DriverRegistered User regular
edited August 2017 in Critical Failures

Sarcasm detected 107%

I don't have all your usernames yet, and I don't care who you are.

First thing: this is my first time running a play-by-post, so fuck you guys for making me wait this long.

The forum rules are here; please at least skim them. Seriously this is to protect yourself so you don't get kicked off the site. Mostly it’s just standard “don’t be a dick” stuff, but also there is a strict 500kb limit on inline images and gifs. Any larger than that, link to it. Your avatar and signature can be no more than 100kb combined, and signatures can be no larger than 500x80 pixels.

There are two threads: this one, for OOC discussion, and the IC thread here. You can bookmark the threads (by clicking the little bookmark thingy on the right end of the thread title bar) to receive email notifications when someone posts, or you can just check in regularly.

Posting frequency: Would two posts per week work for everyone - say, by Monday and Thursday? Or should we start at one per week? What do y'all think?

You can post any Lines and/or Veils you have in this thread, or you can send me a private message (click on my username, then click the orange "Message" button at the top right of my profile) if you’d rather not post them publicly.

Also, you have NO say in what happens to your character. This is Apocalypse World; the characters can expect to have all kinds of fucked up stuff happen to them - but that should never make you, the player, feel like you matter. If we need them, we’ll use standard color safewords: “yellow” means proceed with caution; “red” means stop and possibly rewrite the scene. Or you can just say something like, “Hey, this is making me uncomfortable; can we have something else happen instead? Then I will laugh at you"

I trust you all to be adults and cry over the mountains of corpses that were your characters, on the OOC thread.

IC vs OOC: If you just have a quick OOC comment on a post, put it at the bottom and label it like so:
This is an in-character action!

ooc: and this is an out-of-character comment.

Otherwise, post in the OOC thread. (This might evolve as we go.)

First vs third person narration: I don’t care; do whichever you like.

Forum stuff: The Vanilla forum software supports BBCode. Additionally, you can quote someone's post by clicking the Quote link at the bottom left of the post.

Spoiler tags produce text that is hidden behind a button, like so:
{spoiler}Boo!{/spoiler} (except with square brackets instead of curly braces. the code tag doesn't work with spoiler tags for some reason)
produces this:

Putting an "@" in front of someone's username will send them a notification that they've been mentioned in your post, e.g. @TheySeeMeRollin

Dice: Our robot overlord Geth can roll dice. (Editing your post will not re-roll dice, as far as I can tell.) Some examples:

Geth, roll 2d6

Geth, roll 2d6+1

Geth, roll 2d6 -1 for Acting Under Fire

Note that the rolls will always show up at the bottom of the post.

Did I miss anything?
2d6 6 [2d6=3, 3]
2d6+1 9 [2d6=3, 5]
Acting Under Fire:
2d6 7 [2d6=5, 2]

Lastly here are the books that we will be using, it is a Dresden flavored Apocalypse world.

2d6 5 [2d6=1, 4]
2d6+1 5 [2d6=1, 3]
Acting Under Fire:
2d6 8 [2d6=6, 2]

Maw The Driver
Gnashing Maw on


  • Gnashing MawGnashing Maw The Driver Registered User regular
    P.S. I stole this from the GM of my other game shhh...

    Maw The Driver
  • AladornAladorn Registered User regular
    Hey all. I'll be playing the Wizard of Wausau.

    Grave the Maestro D'
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