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[Android][iOS] Jumping Joe!

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Check out our latest game by Power Up Game Studio: Jumping Joe!
Along with our latest Cats vs Politicians update!

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It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna hop ‘n’ bolt)! Fly high in Jumping Joe, a vertical non-stop platformer so addictive that it will make you jump right outta the stratosphere!

# # # HIP TO BE SQUARE # # #
Meet Joe. He is a square. Literally speaking, not figuratively. But he is not just any kind of square. He is a square with ambition. Help this jumpy fella on his upwards journey through a wild world full of gaps, traps and obstacles. Dodge roaring cannonballs, flic-flac over pointy spikes and leap across bottomless pits as you go higher and higher – slamming your friends’ highscores and leaving the other jumpers in the dust! Don’t forget, once you start the floor is lava!

  • ONE DIRECTION: Reach for new heights and go up high… waayyy up high!
  • SUPER ADDICTIVE: Chase highscores and share them with your friends!
  • MIGHT AS WELL JUMP: Leap from platform to platform via tap or swipe controls!
  • SWITCHING COLORS: Enter Joe’s ever-changing world – are you up for it?
  • LIL’ HELPERS: Rocket [✓]… helmet [✓]… magnet [✓]… bomb [✓]
  • DRESS TO IMPRESS: Customize Joe with dozens of new helmets, trails and characters!

Jumping Joe is available for free and runs on a wide range of devices. You can make in-app purchases to get quicker access to your most favorite character skins or power-ups.

Hobnail wrote: »
This forum has taken everything from me


  • VixaVixa Registered User new member
    Thanks for posting us!
    By the way, we are currently running a contest event for a few more days. Handing out iAP promo-codes for you game score tweet.
    You can read about it here:
    TL;DR: tweet your score from within the game to win (plenty of codes still waiting).

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