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CF Secret Santa 2017



  • TimFijiTimFiji Registered User regular

    Ahhhhh c'est incroyable! A package!

    What's inside you ask?! None other than:
    Another package!y1g824a56e57.jpg
    What is contained in the subset?!
    Not only is this a fantastic choice of a present, but the note webguy left said a second gift is expected, too! When will the generosity stop?!?!

    I guess I'm not done, but already a fantastic secret santa @webguy20 is. Way better than webguy10 whoever that chucker is. Thank you so much. I will report back when it first gets played :biggrin:

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  • webguy20webguy20 Registered User regular
    edited January 5
    Haha fuck that guy! Youll have to let me know how the game plays. I keep hearing how good it is.

    Also my wife loved the portraits drawn drawn on character sheets. :)

    I gotta take more time when i phone post.

    webguy20 on
    Steam ID: Webguy20
    Origin ID: Discgolfer27
    Untappd ID: Discgolfer1981
    MNC DoverArcticLancerIron Weasel
  • ArcticLancerArcticLancer Best served chilled. Registered User regular
    You can thank Janelle for that. She was in the mood. It's similarly why we both have very comfy socks - that's what happens when you're both cozy at midnight trying to put shit together to mail in the morning. XD

    MNC Doverwebguy20Iron WeaselElvenshae
  • ArcticLancerArcticLancer Best served chilled. Registered User regular
    If I were I a gambling man, I'd have a bet as to who my Santa is. ;P

    Outstanding chains:
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    Completed chains:
    Gabriel_Pitt <> Iron Weasel
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  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    Yeah, I'm your Santa. I'm working on getting your gift but everything that can break in my house has in the last few weeks and then my pay has been shit thanks to crazy winter weather. I will hopefully get your send out this weekend.

    ArcticLancerMNC DovercrimsoncoyoteCF SANTA
  • ArcticLancerArcticLancer Best served chilled. Registered User regular
    Dude, don't sweat it a bit. I know life is life. Just appreciate being in the loop on it. ;)

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