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Setting up TV sound system

SmasherSmasher Starting to get dizzyRegistered User regular
We recently moved and I'm trying to set up the sound system. Unfortunately the previous setup was done by a specialist who ran wires through the walls and we were cramped for time during the move, so I wasn't able to document how everything was connected. I don't know much about sound systems, so I want to double check my plans with you guys so I don't end up blowing out a speaker or something. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, or if you know a better way to set things up.

I've put up an album of pictures showing the pieces in question. I also have a power conditioner (6 outlets), but unless I need to do something more complicated than plug it in the wall and plug the other devices into the conditioner that shouldn't need a picture. I have a couple game consoles and a blue ray player I'll need to hook up somewhere.

I think the idea is to have all the inputs (cable/console/blue ray) go into the receiver, then have the image go out to the TV and the audio out through the row of connectors at the bottom. Would connecting the HDMI out (at the top of the receiver) to the TV handle all the outputs, or is that only for HDMI inputs?

For the audio I'm unsure of the flow. It must start at the receiver, but the satellite speakers used all four connections at the old house and I'm not sure if it goes from subwoofer to satellite or vice versa or something else. I'm also unsure how the amplifier fits in; it seems like it would go out to the satellites, but I don't know which output would lead to the amplifier.


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    MNC DoverMNC Dover Full-time Voice Actor Kirkland, WARegistered User regular
    Plug all your HDMI devices into the receiver ports 1-4. Run an HDMI cable from the receiver Out to the TV HDMI in. Your TV will recognize them as one input and you'll use your receiver to switch between the inputs.

    Run speaker wire between the receiver inputs to each speaker (Red +, Black -). I can't tell from the photo, but is that 3 speakers and a sub? Do you have rears? Regardless, plug your fronts (L, C, R) into the receiver as well as your sub.

    Turn off your TVs speakers, set your channels and that should be it!

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