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Unofficial Attendee Run RPGs

thedreameaterthedreameater new memberRegistered User new member
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Most officially represented rpgs will be run by either Enforcers, recruited GMs (D&D Adventurer's League and Pelgrane Press will be recruiting), and other company representatives. If you are interested in running a one shot and looking for players, list the game here, when you will run it, how many players, and a description.

Think of this thread as a pre-con version of the LFG Arena.

Game: (The name of your game)
System: (What system you'll be using)
Description: (A short background blurb about the setting)
Date and Time: (When you want to run the game)
Location: (Where - I'm assuming RPG Dungeon)
Number of Players: (min and max players)

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  • thedreameaterthedreameater new member Registered User new member
    edited August 2017
    I'll start:

    Game: Below the Haunted Keep
    System: Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Moldvay Edition)
    Description: The Rodemus family mysteriously disappeared long ago. Their castle fell to ruin over time, becoming the subject of ghostly local legends. Recently, otherworldly lights were seen moving about the ruins. Did word reach you of a friend or relative who went missing while exploring the abandoned keep? Perhaps one of the legends spoke of a powerful weapon or a forgotten spell that may be hidden there?
    Quickly create characters using templates, buy some gear, and explore the Haunted Keep. This is a sandbox module using a streamlined variant of the Dungeons & Dragons basic set.
    Date and Time: (I'll fill this in once I hear from others, but sometime Saturday November 18th)
    Location: RPG Dungeon
    Number of Players: 3 - 6 players

    thedreameater on
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