Customizing Windows system sounds: one file won't play

I have a very minor issue that is nevertheless driving me up the wall. I'm trying to customize various Windows 10 notification sounds through the Sound menu. One particular wav file will not play when assigned to any event. The same events play other sound files just fine, and the file in question - part of a downloaded sound pack which otherwise works fine - plays perfectly well in VLC and Windows Media Player. Windows just doesn't seem to like this specific file/program pairing for some reason. Any idea what could cause something like that?


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    CalicaCalica Registered User regular
    Further weirdness: I'm trying to assign this file to the Default Beep event. When I do, it will play for some events (adjusting the volume), but not others (selecting a parent window before closing the child). Wtf?

    (I'm testing which events are supposed to beep by comparing with the default Windows 10 sound scheme.)

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