[FFXIV] Job Action trailer out now. So shiny!



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    Viera and Hrothgar are a total fuckfest and honestly, their excuses that it's hard to rig all of the gear in the game to new races rings hollow to me because they also didn't need to add new races

    Like at some point not doing it seems like a better option than completely half-assing it because it would have taken too much time to do it right

    I appreciate that it is a lot of work, but they could have held off until it was actually ready

    Just viera (both) would have been less trouble rigging hats too.

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    one weird thing about the role story line system that I'm actually happy about:

    exactly one job/class gets a role story all to itself, and it's inexplicably fisher

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    fishing owns

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    new thread time

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