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Anyone else feeling post PAX depression already?

DustyStarrDustyStarr Registered User regular
Normally it takes a little while to hit but man it hit me hard this morning for some reason. :x A lot of people said this was an eh PAX Prime when I talked to them but I really enjoyed it a lot; even if the expo hall was WAY busier than I had ever seen it and trying to play anything was tough, it was still a really fun experience; spent so much time in the console freeplay and classic freeplay room playing awesome new and old games by myself and with friends or just new people! But man I just feel so sad now that it is all over.

Just curious if anyone is feeling the same yet.



  • CKingCKing Registered User regular
    I felt it as soon as I got back to the hotel yesterday. I tear up every year. It didn't help that I bonded with one of the kittens and am super depressed that I can't adopt her.

  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Me. Had a great pax and met lots of awesome peeps as always. See you all next year

  • ErlkönigErlkönig Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    This was my first PAX and I could only get a Monday trying to cram the entire experience into a single 8-hour day was dauntingly overwhelming (I didn't even play anything...just went between ALL the floors and trying to watch everything) and it just makes me want to make damn sure I get at least two days next year. Which also means that I can barely wait for PAX next year >.<

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  • Sj3nksSj3nks Registered User regular
    I am right there with ya. I was there for all 4 days and still know there was lots i didn't even see. (Never even got to the left side of the Annex expo or really most of the main expo hall outside.

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    This is a very common thread to pop up on these forums and speaking as someone who has attended quite a lot of PAXes over the years I'd like to offer some advice on how to cope with the climb down that is PAX.

    PAX is about games and the people who play them. It doesn't matter what format they are in, be it a MOBA, an obscure pen and paper RPG about teenage squirrels fighting off monsters in 30m tall Gundams or even an arcade adventure that features lots of jumping and a fox that hits things with its tail; they're all games. That's the key, you need to focus on this and the pain of PAX ending will be lessened.

    You do this by doing everything you can to continue what you experienced at PAX in your own life. Play the games you saw there or titles like them if they have yet to be released. Find a table top/RPG group that will enable you to play those games you saw being played or even experienced for yourself. I know this sounds like a lot, but I can assure you it is worth it. There are even online table top gaming groups that use apps to simulate the games they would normally need to meet face to face to play.

    Speaking for myself I have a very packed September and it's not going to let up for some time either. Here's a list of what I'm doing over the next 4 weeks:

    1) Playing the last session Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG and then switching to 13th Age at the Role Playing Haven group
    2) Playing Gloomhaven dungeon delve board game as our group bashes its way through yet another dungeon
    3) Running Starfinder for the first time using the pre-defined scenario Paizo has developed
    4) Attending EuroGamer Expo (EGX)
    5) Playing Destiny 2 with my friends
    6) Streaming the Mini SNES when it arrives on the 29th
    7) Running bi-weekly session of 5th Edition D&D featuring the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure

    So what I'm saying here is PAX is about inspiring people to get out there and play games. It doesn't have to stop when the last of the ticket touts have walked dejectedly away from the WSCC as they clutch their unsold badges. It can keep going, you just have to take the spirit of it and run with it.


  • The AviatrixThe Aviatrix Registered User regular
    Monday at dinner with my PAX group had the "how long until South?" comment, as we do South and West together. Couldn't believe West was already over.

    I didn't even play many games or go to any panels this year. I just bathed in the wonderful atmosphere that is PAX. I cannot get enough of it.

    And though I go to other cons between shows, it is all just a holdover until I can get my next PAX fix.

    The true Post pax depression will probably hit when I leave Seattle. But I still have a sadness about already.

  • Bladed CicadaBladed Cicada Registered User regular
    I think many people can relate. PAX is HYPER stimuli. From anticipation and excitement, to exercise, to gaming, to socializing, to being in a new city/place, genuine connections...all these things are incredibly (positively) stimulating. I think when an event like this ends, its easy to get down on yourself and a lot of things. "Well, I have to wait a year for my friends", "Going back to job X I hate", going back to your home, sitting on your couch/chair/bed and having it sink in that it's over. This was my 10th year going, and if PAX has taught me one thing, it's that all of those abilities - your personality, your kindness, sense of humor, creativity, intellect, dormant socializing - These are all things that already exist in you. PAX only helps to bring them out. Don't forget that and try to carry a bit of PAX with you. Find a local gamer/anime/comic/minis/hobby of choice meet up, or start your own! The internet helps keep us all connected. Skype table top gaming! Don't get me wrong, I'm already feeling pretty down myself but these are the things I ry to remind myself. That and also that there's always another con not to far down the road. Chins up! I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

  • istoleyourfoodistoleyourfood Registered User regular
    Hit me hard this year too. I met a lot of great people! I was actually able to stay awake for the entire concerts this year too. I made a trip to Seattle in the middle of last year and all I could think about was PAX. See you all next year!

    Rhea_starstormBladed Cicada
  • SolelronSolelron Wandering Gamer Cornelius, ORRegistered User regular
    This was my 9th pax, and normally I don't get hit with the Depression (I help organize about 5-6 cons a year and attend about 8)..but this year was partiuculary rough. I never felt like I got to Enjoy Seattle like I usually do. I didn't get to catch up with all my usual friends. While I saw most of the booths I wanted to, I didn't get to try near as many games that caught my eye (never was able to get back to them)

    I think it may have just been me though. We'll see next year (big 10!)

  • Spokane_SnowManSpokane_SnowMan Registered User regular
    Post PAX credit card bill depression? Every time...

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  • KopeAceticKopeAcetic Registered User regular
    I don't know where else to post this so I'll post this here.

    This year was my first PAX ever and I have to say the community is truly incredible. All of the helpful tips and tricks were right on the money. Thank you everyone for your awesomeness. I'm really hoping to be able to go back next year!

    CKingkropotkinvespachicaZilla360RedtailBladed Cicada
  • ancienteternityancienteternity Registered User regular
    I agree with all of the above. I go to East usually, but Seattle and West have done me in. I loved the entire trip, and leaving made me want to sink into my shoes and never leave.

    Can we just get together every weekend?!?


    I'm ready for the next PAX already!
    Rhea_starstormThe AviatrixBladed CicadaCKing
  • kalanikalani Straight Edge O.G Edmonds WARegistered User regular
    When pax was just 3 days i did. But now that it is 4 days by monday i'm tired and ready to go home

  • vespachicavespachica SeattleRegistered User regular
    I didn't feel it this year but I must be feeling something because I'm stalking the forum. Usually I like to be on the floor when it turns 6pm on Monday but I wasn't this year. I always get sort of emotional when I'm on the expo hall floor and things shut down.


  • LoonyEclipseLoonyEclipse WWHRD? Montreal, QCRegistered User regular
    It hit me like a TRUCK this year. Normally it's a little mild, but right after the Omegathon, it hit long and hard.

    spending an extra day in Seattle and hitting the MoPop museum helped a lot, and now I'm back to normal.

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