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    Cantido wrote: »
    I graduated class and cancelled my leave due to the Pandemic. I need in-house training to actually go on missions, therefore my unit can't use me on jobs. But since we're all "teleworking" there's nothing for me to do but "teletrain" on my gaming PC....

    ...There is some training I can do. Training included SANS Network Forensics training, but not the test, so I'll be prepping for that test.

    You're red on dental and leave wasn't approved anyway because S1 lost your paperwork. Is any of that a thing for an AF officer?

    Thankfully our leave is web-based so it's exceptionally hard to "lose" leave paperwork.

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    Navy detailing venting/frustration:

    I just finished my second look and hadn’t applied for anything, but I walk into work this morning and see that ive been dropped into a set of orders for Norfolk, VA.

    Brooo, I’m not even needs of the navy until after my third look. I’ve already dropped my package to go to squadron up here in WA. The plan was to high five with the senior chief that is currently there and these intentions were made clear to everyone. Thankfully the CMC at squadron is gonna make some noise to get me down there.

    I’d rather go to Guam than Virginia, man. And these orders are for me to be in charge of some shit that hasn’t been on any of the platforms I’ve been on. And like, these preemptive orders are gonna lock me out from extending on board if the squadron thing didn’t work out after my third look for whatever reason. Leaving WA is something I’m just absolutely not interested in.

    Super whiny post, but I can’t exactly vent to my dudes about it

    XBL: mosssnack12
    bnet: moss*1454
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    @Fuselage I think we are at the same post.

    We just got pulled from a 3 week course a week early. Well, all the flight students did at least. We were totally isolated from the outside world, no news or phones or even talking to people at the DFAC.

    Holy shit people!

    So now I'm on hold for who knows how long until we finish the final week. Everything non essential is shut down. Flight training is moving to online courses and most training is on hold. The travel ban is until May 11th, so some of my buddies are screwed on PCSing down here. I know the new classes are all pushed to the right anyway.

    You need an ID and to get temped to get onto the commissary or px. No formations, no morning pt, no study hall for hold students. All the gyms are closed. All exercise equipment in the area is sold out. They are cracking down on lifting speak easys that people are running in their garages.

    Kids are out of school indefinitely. We can leave a 50 mile radius and if anyone visits us we go into quarantine for 2 weeks.

    Kinda bummed about the no gym thing. I need to hit the gym to deal with shit.

    furbat on
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    Gotta get that kettle bell

  • furbatfurbat Registered User regular
    That is exactly what I did. After looking online and finding nothing I spent all day driving around and scored the last 2 kettle bells in a 50 mile radius.

    I'm also stocked up on booze and just grabbed a fishing license and bought a couple of games to play with my son on the switch. We should be good. Little dude is only 4 but was able to beat the new Mario game.

    I'm ready for the apocalypse. Greatful that I'm here, protected and safe and getting paid. Hope everyone else out there is doing ok.

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    @furbat are you in a UPT or something? Here in IQT in the Land of Enchantment we're still flying this week. Bless you, 19AF/CC. I don't mind, there's only so much Mount & Blade: Bannerlord to play, right?

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    Nope just saw you mention flight training, students, and transferring to a reserve unit and assumed we were in the same branch.

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