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  • EnigmedicEnigmedic Registered User regular
    Well lawton is in the middle of nowhere. And tinker is right outside okc and is like the biggest employer in the state so you deal with insane traffic. Neither of those are great and then youre still in oklahoma...

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  • BloodycowBloodycow Registered User regular
    Fort Stewart is my number 1.
    I would rather get hit by a 5th IED then ever move back to Georgia.

    Going to OSUT at the school for wayward boys (Benning) during the summer was enough to make me loathe Georgia. Then being stationed at Stewart a few years later just cemented my hatred for living in that state.

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  • QuidQuid I don't... what... hnnng Registered User regular
    Talked to a buddy down there and the school house for CTMs, CTTs, and ITs is averaging three captain’s masts a week. That’s insane to me.

  • RadiationRadiation Registered User regular
    Fort Gordon, was my worst. But that was for training, so I was only there ~7 months.
    After that I had Denver and then Germany, so pretty sweet deals all things considered.

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  • DiplominatorDiplominator Hardcore Porg Registered User regular
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    I actually don't mind Fort Gordon much but I've really never known anywhere else and likely never will.

    The AIT soldiers can be annoying but I've learned their habits and how to avoid them.

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  • QuidQuid I don't... what... hnnng Registered User regular
    Pfft you gotta get that Meade tour in so I can show everyone you know your worst posts.

  • DiplominatorDiplominator Hardcore Porg Registered User regular
    All my posts are immaculate but I do want to come up and visit friends if I'm ever allowed out of the state again.

  • EnigmedicEnigmedic Registered User regular
    I hated gordon. Loved my job but hated the augusta area, and everything about the command was awful. Im just glad i could move up in position on the operational side almost completely independent of rank. Being a shift lead at specialist and being over a few e5s and an e6 at one point was weird. Also i was not a fan of the norm in the area being to wait 5s after a light turns green before going to make sure most of the people running the red light had already gone. I hardly remember ever seeing ait people on gordon though, but i was working nights so didnt see much of anyone unless i was taking a language refresher before my dlpt.

    I went to ft huachuca for a few months for a training and loved that place.

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  • furbatfurbat Registered User regular
    My BCT/AIT was at Sill. I can't imagine being stuck in OK or at that post for long. We weren't in a capacity to really explore Lawton but the area didn't seem that bad.

    I'm in the middle of nowhere now, but the community here is awesome. Doesn't really matter where you are if you can drink beer with your neighbors while the kids run around. Helps being 2 hours from the beach though.

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