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Shoany draws cosplayers

ShoanyShoany Registered User regular
Hi, all! I've been lurking the PA forums forever and never thought to actually post. I'm a graphic designer, but I do most of my hand drawing on my commute to/from work (on the bus/subway, which is my excuse for wobbly ink). A lot of the stuff I draw is heavily referenced from cosplayers and other folks. In this thread, I'll just post cosplay sketches but feel free to check out my Instagram for other stuff!

Tools: shattered Col-erase pencils, Pentel pocket arts brush pen (AMAZING), various cool grey 0.5 - 3 markers, sometimes shitty ballpoint pens, various sketchbooks



  • LegacyGameLegacyGame Registered User regular
    Nice work my dude, carry on

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular

    God, I miss ME3 Jack. And River Tam obvi. At least Eleven's coming back.

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hey dude! Welcome.

    These are nice sketches! The AC's primary focus is critique, so sharing your goals and seeking advice is usually the best way to get other folks involved in your thread! Do you happen to have a scanner? Instagram is great for sharing with followers, but I really suggest posting slightly larger drawings, strait on for the forum.

    Pretty impressive inks for being on a bus while doing them, I suggest giving some attention to your eye structure.

    Eleven's right eye feels a bit high, and spider gwen's right eye reads to me as much bigger rather than being more open. More clarity in your lid structure and carefulness with your placement should resolve those kinds of things.

    If you want a classical looking, pinup kind of look to your faces, I would look heavily to loomis. His structure is sound and his tips should point you in a positive direction.

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular
    Cool thanks for the reference tips!
    What I'd like to do eventually is move into stylizing more and confidently while retaining solid anatomy, and then eventually develop some better shorthand for simplifying while feeling complete.

    To be honest, though, what I'd like to do eventually is sometimes at odds with the desire to just draw directly from reference and enjoy that process.

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular
    LegacyGame wrote: »

    Holy crap that's amazing! Such a rabbit hole to get lost down though!

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular
    Some detail reference, but mostly conjured. Lots of issues, but trying to venture back out into posing + drawing from my mind.

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular

    Non-gaming, photo referenced. Inking curls is so meditative.

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular
    My friend Kathy and Dr. Junkenstein (your junk is the best) (Inktober posts Day 2 "Divide", Day 8 "Crooked")

  • ShoanyShoany Registered User regular

    So far behind. Drawing in a much smaller book in an attempt to speed up by forcing myself to simplify.

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