Be A Man: Do The Right Thing

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It's tough being a man in the modern world. Making the right decisions is often not just hard, but down right confusing. "Be a Man" gives you the chance to play out all these situations in any way you like! Awkward and hilarious situations, each with multiple outcomes depending on the decisions you make. So take charge, be a man and do the right thing!


Casual Scenario-Based Puzzle Game
Over 30 funny scenarios each with multiple endings
Innovative controls through touch, motion, and voice to creatively interact with your environment
Probably the manliest mobile game you'll ever play! Guaranteed to put some hairs on your chest!
One of the funniest game of the year
As long as you make a choice, there is no right and wrong!
Quirky gameplay!

Be A Man: Do The Right Thing Trailer

Available Now on iOS App Store and Google Play Store
Download Link: Be A Man: Do The Right Thing

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