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Billy Bomber - a riddle/arcade Android game

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Hi! I'm a private developoer from Poland and I've just published my first Android game to Play Store. It's called Billy Bomber.
Here's the link to its Google Store page:
A short trailer:
The game's fanpage:

Game description:
The player's goal is to move the main character - Billy - to the exit, using TNTs and springs.
The game contains 25 different levels and each can be passed in a lot of various ways. Just be creative and find your own, best way to reach exit! By passing levels, you earn cash which you can spend on skins, which change Billy's appearance.

Could you check it out and give me some feedback ;)? I'd love to get some opinions/suggestions. Write me in the comments or email me directly: [email protected] Thanks in advance!

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