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[Android/iOS] Tour de Cave - competitive endless flyer

TubeTube Registered User admin

Tour de Cave is a new type, bidirectional, competitive endless flyer.
Take a role of an agile bat and fly in procedurally generated caves to collect gold and gems and compete with others for the highest score in daily map challenges. Avoid traps, slow down time and prepare your next move to chain up your collecting combo bonus.

  • - National ranking and monthly season leaderboard
  • - Explore a procedurally generated cave in direction you want.
  • - Slow down time while aiming for your next move.
  • - Collect gold and gems.
  • - Build up your score bonus chain during flying.
  • - Compete with others in daily map and contribute to your nation leaderboard.
  • - Save your checkpoint in daily map.
  • - Spend your gold and diamonds in the shop.
  • - Training ground. You can train your style, or just learn more about the game in the training session.



Download for free:





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