Coworker got shafted with a raise. How can I help them?



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    So uh does he have a future with this company? If not, look up how to write a really strong rec letter.

    If a company doesn't want its employees to be paid what they're worth, it should be happy to lose early talent.

    Maybe this person knows it already and had been through the wringer because of their lack of a degree. Maybe that's part of why they're such a hard worker. Maybe they've actually given their career a lot more thought than you have.

    My job security is not dependent on my boss at all, so I broadcast my salary all the time and disrupt workplace hierarchy whenever I can. But I found out that I was basically a moron and knew nothing about how to grow these kids' careers.

    You don't have to hatch a conspiracy to get justice, but I'd recommend getting this person to talk about their career goals and finances and get them in a budgetary sort of mood. That's pretty neutral to management.

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