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PAX Unplugged Bottle Exchanges

VikingGoatVikingGoat Registered User new member
Anyone up for an exchange circle at PAX Unplugged (Bottles 'o beer, pint glasses, brewery souvenirs in general)?


  • skavooveeskavoovee Registered User new member
    Yes, I'd be down to join in on this!

  • SchmulkiSchmulki Registered User regular
    Ooh, I might be down for this.

  • hailtothekalehailtothekale Registered User regular
    I'd love to do this.

  • Mercyd1403Mercyd1403 Registered User regular
    This is an awesome idea.

  • a_clever_witticisma_clever_witticism Registered User new member
    I'd so totally be down for this! I'm a pretty big beer nerd from Philly and would love to spread around some of the wonderful beer our area has to offer.

    Not only would swapping beers be fun, but sharing some as well! It'd be great to get a PAX Unplugged bottleshare together at a nearby BYO or somewhere similar.

  • PulsonicsPulsonics Registered User new member
    Coming in from San Diego with a couple friends. Totally down to share some of the SD goodness.

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