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    Cult JRPG hit Cthulu Saves The World, by Zeboyd Games, is finally getting a sequel 9 years later: http://zeboyd.com/2019/07/29/cthulhu-saves-christmas/

    Baba Yaga-chan holy shit

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    So for Celeste's Farewell DLC, I guess you have to have all the hearts (or at least some sizeable number) to actually get to the end of it? I have, like... five. That's a bit disappointing.

    Making you do most of the B-sides feels like the game wants you to be prepared, because wowow the second "half" of Chapter 9 is the hardest stuff in the game by a big margin. It starts off with a (actually very helpful) tutorial on wavedashing and you'll be doing that and cornerjumping regularly. And it goes on for a whiiiile. There's way more content here than I expected. I ended up using assist mode on a couple rooms because cornerjumping is a dogshit mechanic, but I thought it ended pretty strongly. The very last screen is very long but each individual part isn't too complex, so it never felt insurmountable. Totalled at 4113 deaths.

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    Oh hell yeah, there's a new Enter the Gungeon game! Exit The Gungeon!

    Oh, it's an Apple Arcade exclusive. Oh. :(

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    Blasphemous is pretty good so far but this windy mountain level is some hot garbage.

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