[Star Wars]: The Last Jedi - A completely uncontroversial film. TAG SPOILERS



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    After seeing numerous, FUCKING. NUMEROUS. takes on facebook and twitter that are just "I liked the movie, why is it being called 'divisive and everyone's yelling about it on the internet?!'" I have decided that PEOPLE ARE OVERTHINKING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS SHIT

    it's Star Wars. go see it. some of you will like the Star Wars. some of you will not like the Star Wars. this is not the defining moment in our culture that decides whether or not we get to ascend to Valhalla. fucking christ in heaven.

    this is not directed at the thread in any way, just the fact that this movie has spawned a bunch of Discourse and I think it's weird because it doesn't take strong stances on issues or say anything really divisive or revolutionary.

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