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Penny Arcade - Comic - Second Opinion



  • v2miccav2micca Registered User regular
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    They are the ones sipping Mojitos on an island resort,.

    yeah, this is definitely the real world that you're living in here

    Not for employees, probably the worst industry to code for.

    I was referring to those who create their own studio then sell it off to company like EA, who eventually close them down because the titles bomb out or everyone of any worth have already left, basically where Bioware is heading sometime soon and when that happens I am sure Muzyka and Zeschuk will put down their Mojitos long enough to shed a tear.

    I had confused Visceral for a different studio, this one was just EA Redwood Shores, so nobody made a fortune selling off to EA this time.

    I hear they have been shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic for some time and have moved a lot of mediocre developers and coders to Visceral, including some franchise killers from Bioware. I guess the easiest way to get rid of them was to pile everyone into one bus and drive it off a cliff.

    I thought EA Motive got most of what was left of Bioware Montreal.

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    jwalk wrote: »
    rum is good in anything. such as a glass.

    Rum is only good in one thing.


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  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    The games industry is shitty and merciless. When you're a small studio hard-up for cash, you don't exactly get to be picky when offers come around. The big publishers have all of the leverage, and when your choice is "close the studio now or have it closed ten years later when you can't meet shareholders' ridiculous expectations" the choice isn't as hard when it comes to providing stability for the people under you.

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  • JackBeenJackBeen Registered User regular
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    Quid wrote: »
    Man there's been tons of successful single player games

    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Fallout 4
    GTA V
    Nier: Automata

    Some of them maybe didn't make gangbusters but the idea that single player games aren't profitable is sheer nonsense.

    Tons of great games. And I prefer single player.

    But, it's also hard to make single player games replayable and still fun. And as big of a cash cow as the publishers want.

    Most single player campaigns now-a-days are like 6-10 hours. And most people will only play that campaign once... maybe 2-3 times if in the case like making 3 distinct Destiny characters.

    From a business perspective... they're trying to keep people playing their game forever. So they can sell DLC or the next expansion or some micro-transactions or whatever. They don't want you moving onto the next game after 18-30 hours... they want you here for hundreds of hours.

    At the point, the easiest way is to make either multiplayer a big thing... or some co-op large-scale campaigns like raids and such.

    Spend thousands of hours crafting that perfect single player campaign map... all so each person spends like 2 hours on it tops.

    As opposed to spending hundreds of hours on something people will play over and over and over and over as a multiplayer map or a co-op dungeon. And it's more cost-effective. And keeping people on the treadmill makes them want to spend more money down the line.

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