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Interstate, International or just Interested visitors to PAX AUS for Magical Mystery Tour?

Squire_PugSquire_Pug Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
I have run these in preceding years, so canvassing interest to do this again.

The plan is to do ONE big trip (Penguins? Kangaroos? Koalas? Hike a Mountain?) involving cars which would be organised for you, and maybe one alley ramble in the Melbourne CBD to eat food, look at cool graffiti art, galleries, gaming-aligned interest sites.

This would be most likely Wednesday and/or Thursday during the day, with the intent of being back in time to rest, ahead of heading out, to Childs Play trivia or pre-Pax drinkies in the evenings.

Please post your interest below, and I can organise firmer details as to specifics of where and when for day travels.


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