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List of vendor raffles, competitions and giveaways?

ChadwikoChadwiko Registered User new member

So I thought I'd start a thread that we can use to collate a list of all the different vendor competitions/raffles/draws etc.

They're always a big part of PAX for a lot of us, so making it easy makes sense for me!


  • ChadwikoChadwiko Registered User new member
    A few observations from day 1:

    AMD and ASUS have the best big ticket items for end of day giveaways. Small crowd on day 1 too. Walked away with a new GPU. Woot.

    Nvidia is good but very popular.

    MSI/MSY booth is by far the biggest for giveaways but that comes with heaps of competition.

    Thermaltake is running pretty easy PUBG random squad tourneys. Nabbed a new headset there.

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