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Mystery boxes

MarioFanGirl24MarioFanGirl24 Registered User new member
Hey just wondering wether the mystery boxes are good value ? Particularly the Nintendo question mark one and the other gaming ones.


  • mouseno4mouseno4 Registered User regular
    I actually asked someone today who had one. $80 he said it cost, but it included a few items ''themed Nintendo''. He said the point was that there was far too many things he knows he wants, but the dilemma of choosing what to buy, meant that lootboxes were a good option because you know you are going to like what you get if you chose your preferred theme (Nintento). I am not sure of the contents, but he said that the value is at the very least, equal to what you paid.

  • MarioFanGirl24MarioFanGirl24 Registered User new member
    Yeah I found my Nintendo one to be not too bad. I think everything in it probably added up to the cost of the box. Was just disappointed that there wasn’t more items. My partner on the other hand was not impressed with his at all. He got a gaming one and the items were all supposed to be gaming related and not one item had anything to do with gaming. And a figurine type thing he got was only the back board of the box, the figure and the rest of the box had been ripped off it. Luckily when we went back to the stall, they replaced it with something else. But yeah he was very disappointed with his box.

  • UseR2006UseR2006 MelbourneRegistered User regular
    I tend to avoid them as I find there is a lot of other stuff there that I can spend my money on like Indie games and clothing, plushies. The random boxes seem more like a novelty to me rather than a must buy and a rather expensive novelty at that. But that's just my opinion.

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