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Weather for PAX Unplugged

dfc123dfc123 Registered User regular
Still about two weeks out the forecast is for cloudy and temps in the mid to high 50s

You won’t need a winter coat yet, just a heavy jacket or hoodie. Or a jacket and a hoodie under it. Remember Layers!

If you had theses temps at BGG con you’d see the locals wearing winter coats. At least that’s what my cousin saw when he moved from Philly to Dallas about 10 years ago.


  • dfc123dfc123 Registered User regular
    Updated Forecast
    Thursday will be cloudy and 57 degrees. Friday will be cooler at 49 degrees. Saturday will be cloudy with rain possible with a high of 58.
    You'll definitely need a couple of layers to keep warm if you venture outside.

  • KaladinKaladin Western NYRegistered User regular
    Yeah, that's still shorts weather as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a hoodie.

  • dfc123dfc123 Registered User regular
    Kaladin wrote: »
    Yeah, that's still shorts weather as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a hoodie.

    Are you familiar with the groups of pics of white Guys Wearing Shorts in Winter? And would you be a possible member if f the group?

  • bfigginsbfiggins Registered User regular
    Thanks for putting the temperature in terms of what I should actually pack! I think I've got it covered.

  • TamwulfTamwulf Registered User regular

    Rain early on Thursday, then clearing. More rain all day Saturday. Temps around 50 in the day, down to low 40's at night. Overall, not that bad. Light jacket weather.

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