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College Football 2018: Fuck Baylor, Michigan State, and Ohio State



  • MaximumMaximum Registered User regular
    Jim Harbaugh just stained his khakis.

  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    If you're curious about what Maximum is talking about, OSU has placed Urban Meyer on administrative leave as part of the continued fallout about WR coach Zach Smith. Smith has a history of domestic violence allegations against him, which we learned today were known by at least Shelley Meyer in 2015. Smith was kept on until earlier this year. Meyer insisted at Big Ten media day last week that he never knew about the 2015 allegations.

    There are also allegations that Earle Bruce (Smith's grandfather) and Urban's personal assistant/life coach pressured the woman to not come forward the first time this happened, while Urban had Smith on his staff at Florida.

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  • The JudgeThe Judge The Terwilliger CurvesRegistered User regular
    Slightly bummed I can't put money down on "shows up to a press conference in the next week and says he's dying" because if history is an indicator . . .

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  • Butler For Life #1Butler For Life #1 Twinning is WinningRegistered User regular
    What an awful mess.

    The Judgeani_game_bum
  • Randy ButternubbsRandy Butternubbs Registered User regular
    Resident MSU sports fanatic, burn the entire NCAA down even if it takes Izzo and Dantonio with it

  • ani_game_bumani_game_bum Optimistic, Rule-Breaking Nice Guy The Final World/DestinationRegistered User regular

    - Urban get suspended for the first four games (just in time for @ Penn State, btw) but keeps his job with heavy oversight from the AD and HR compliance departments.

    - Urban's wife and whomever other Ohio St. employees that had direct knowledge of the abuse but didn't report will be fired.

    I'm sure the real outcome won't be as severe because, sadly, football and legality and whatever.

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  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    Game three is TCU, so my money is on two games.

    Self-righteousness is incompatible with coalition building.
  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    @Bogey permission to create a new thread for 2018?

  • BogeyBogey I'm back, baby! Santa Monica, CAModerator mod
    @ASimPerson Please go right ahead. Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday!

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