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cyberbladegbcyberbladegb Registered User new member
I'm not familiar with the PA convention center at all, and even after looking at the PAX maps, convention center website, and Google maps, it's still kind of unclear where the entrance is. It appears that the whole convention is on the 2nd floor of the convention center, and it looks like the branch where the entrance is is also where the Reading Terminal Market is... I'm guessing somewhere around Market St between 11th and 12th. Also, is it going to be possible to go in and out at the other end of the building at Broad St? I assumed that was the main entrance before we had a complete PAX map and thus purchased parking on that end of the building...


  • GundabadGundabad PAX East & Unplugged Tabletop Manager NJRegistered User regular
    All of the entrances you mentioned will be open. You can entire on either street and will be directed where you need to go.

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