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When Do Queue Lines Start?

AdamSkiAdamSki Registered User new member
I have looked through the tweets for PAX_lines for their last day, and only saw one tweet about when an actual queue line was starting. To this I am wondering if there is a better way to inform people on when to actually show up for queue lines, to help people make the most of their time at PAX.

Is there any precise way to either notify attendees when a specific queue is starting up, to set a standard time, or have the schedule show when the queue time and the start time of the events?

If there is a system that can be put in place to do this, I think it would really help people get the full PAX experience compared to potentially waiting 4+ hours for the Critical Role signing like my friend suggested we do. I would much rather get in some more tabletop time and head over precisely when the line opens and wait for 2 hours, instead of awkwardly hovering around for a few hours and then wait 2 hours in line.


  • whypick1whypick1 PAX [E] Info Booth Manager ~2' from an LCDRegistered User regular
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    The official stance is that for panel lines, the line for the panel cannot start forming until the previous panel's line has let in and theaters are cleared between panels. The only exception to that second point is for Story Time/Q+A/Critical Role.

    With that Critical Role signing though, I'd ask the Enforcers working there, as Autograph lines are handled a bit differently and I couldn't tell you exactly how they work.

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  • redfield85redfield85 Registered User regular
    Queue lines start at 8 and go in at 10. What line you want was up in the air yesterday because they had no signage.

    We stood in the expo queue for a bit only to find out there was a separate tourney sign up queue. And then we “herding cats” were lead to the tourney queue area only to then be told that the line most wanted was the queue to our right.

    Then my fiancé had to run to classic tabletop to sign up for a tourney, which she barely found because of there again being no signage pointing the way and she had an enforcer take her (after another one didn’t know where the classic room was). She tried meeting me back in the regular tabletop line, but a security person wouldn’t let her back through the doors labeled for the tabletop area.

    Granted our day evened out and we had fun, but that was a horrible start to the first hometown PAX for us.

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  • DarkewolfeDarkewolfe Registered User regular
    Yeah, the queue system so far is unclear. The poor enforcers don't seem to have gotten all the info either, as they are mostly just trying to get their lines in order.

    I think it'd be a simple fix, though, to just get some nice signs to post at the front of each line. Right now there are four queues in the queue hall that I can tell, but there are several spaces unmarked for possibly different lines?

    I started the day outside the expo hall, but was eventually told you couldn't hang out there unless you had a disability tag, and everyone else should head to the queue hall.

    Still, lots of friendly enforcers trying to help, so I think a few lessons learned will make this smoother next time.

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