Extremely disappointed in how RPGs are handled

nolnacsnolnacs Registered User new member
I was concerned about the inability to register for games ahead of time but I thought that at least there would be games on demand. I tried twice today to get into games on demand and both times the slots were filled up well in advance of the time. Hardly games on demand.

This system may work well for board games but I am left without an entire evening when I would like to rp but cannot. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow but as of now, I am disappointed.


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    oregonpaxoregonpax Registered User new member
    Been in line since 8am. Trying to signup for tier 1 game. It's a hot mess. Nobody can tell us what is going on. Being told no signups allowed. Just have to form group of 6 and play. No chance to play epic session I came for. Very disappointed

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    Grand DMGrand DM Registered User regular
    The queue lines were a huge drag. No pre-registration for RPGs was the headache I thought it would be.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
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