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Q: Anyone here experimented with creating YouTube channel themes before? I love when the feel of the show perfectly matches up with the creative theme graphics/sound of the channel (like "Good Mythical Morning" or "Extra Credits" for example).
What YouTube channels are there that you really admire their art/music/theme?

Some friends of mine and I are starting up some Youtube channels and is up to me the Graphic Designer and Illustrator to create the look and feel. Could you guys give me some feedback on these logos, intros, etc? One of these channels already exists, one does not. These are basically storyboards and logos. Comments and critique welcome

First Channel

Second Channel

I created an intro vid for this one already which you can see from my dropbox folder

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    hey dude,

    Try to resize your images before they hit the forum, these are huge for no real reason.

    The portrait is a bit rough around the edges. Without seeing the reference and knowing how committed you are to it, I'm not sure if you are looking to really get into the particulars of why. I would opt to use the other graphics, which are pretty good, and instead spend some time jazzing up the animations for those. Right now your intro is just sliding in these three elements you made, which goes with the music, but feels like very basic tweening. Maybe that video is just a draft, its a bit hard to tell from your post.

    I'd be more curious to know what sort of youtube themes you admire. What sort of motion, colors, and feel do you want for the channels, and how much time do you have to commit to it? I feel like the less time you have, the better it would be to keep your elements simple and animate carefully.

    This is a good intro to animation principal, applied to the most basic of shapes:

    You cant really get more consistent and snappy than the graphics that go along with crash course.

    And there's a huge rabbit hole to go down when it comes to motion graphic tutorials:

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    Wow, what a charming explanation of the principles of animation. I like motion graphics but it's an endless rabbit hole or a slippery slope. And those motion graphics templates go too far and see a little too good, almost like stock photography. It depersonalizes the art, and personal expression is supposed to be the point.

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    Well, "motion graphics" is a pretty broad term, really. If you just think of it as applying the principals of animation to graphic design, the world is your oyster. Making Youtube production is pretty motion-graphics heavy, so I really suggest going down the rabbit hole and then getting all the self expression done after you have a handle on the basics. Like any other facet of art, wanting to express yourself is a excellent catch-all excuse for not wanting to take the time to learn the technical skills.

    My general point is, if you want snappy, fun graphics, you'll probably want to do more than slide and fade things in.

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    Actually I know technically how to do more with the animation. I'm just debating whether it's worth the time and effort because even though it would make it better it's the law of diminishing returns. As an artist of course I want to push it as far as I can, but as a producer I have to draw the line somewhere because eventually you end up spending a lot more time for improvements that are less and less noticeable to the audience.

    For instance I love the animation of the square in the video you gave, but I know the rules enough to notice they did not obey the rule of volume (probably because it was more charming and expressive not to). My major was animation but the photoshop graphics come more easily to me so I tend to go overboard on that side cause it dramatically improves the looks but doesn't take me much time. After Effects animation is so time consuming so actually I do try to restrict myself to motion tweens. You get so little bang for your buck if you do much more than that.

    I don't mean to defend myself, I actually agree with your critique. So I guess what I'd like to ask is, where is a good place to draw the line between improving the art/motion graphics/thematic expression, and reasonable production goals?

    I'd love to do full animated graphics like the Bible Project or Kurzgesagt, but the production demands are unrealistic for me at this point. Crash Course is my favorite. I'd like to do my best in my youtube videos to do creative graphics and animations that are one level less production intensive than Crash Course.

    btw, here's what the host of the new channel looks like for reference https://youtu.be/VTajfJjQAV0. Also, I'll be sure to reduce the image size when posting in the future ;)

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