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Lost and Found - Unplugged 2017

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
PAX hands over lost and found items to the venues where an item is found. If you've lost something, make sure to check with the Convention Center and any of your hotels you may have been staying with, depending on where you think you lost your item.

You can post about your lost/found items here, but one of those establishments will likely have a better chance of finding it.


  • SolanalesSolanales CMYKMatter Registered User regular
    Hey guys. This is a long shot but I left my copy of Pugmire in the tabletop free play section Sunday afternoon. I know it's doubtful that it was found but if anyone found it, it was in a white paper handlebag that was on a table in the tabletop Freeplay area.

    Thanks if you have any help to offer

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    All lost and found are turned over to the convention center at the end of the show. I would check with the convention centers lost and found soon

  • SolanalesSolanales CMYKMatter Registered User regular
    Yeah I did this mornings and sadly they didn't have it. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • FredpoolFredpool Your Worst Nightmares. :-)Registered User regular
    I lost my mustache. LOL! Sounds weird, perhaps... but it was part of my costume. Pretty sure I lost it before I even got into the con, though. I hadn't thought to check lost and found... but honestly, it was cheap. I'm just planning to re-buy it and figure out a more reliable way to adhere it.

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