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A Shot of Ice & Fire: Book Four (registration opens 12/21)

EtaoinEtaoin OmeganautTexasRegistered User regular
edited December 13 in PAX South

Welcome to A Shot of Ice & Fire: Book Four, otherwise known as the Fourth Annual PAX South pre-PAX Community bar crawl!

In staying with PAX tradition, the Thursday evening prior to PAX will see a huge group of us crawling through the San Antonio Riverwalk, drinking, making friends, and raising money for Child's Play. There will be houses. There will be drinking challenges. There will be sigils. Be prepared, because PAX South is coming.

This event is strictly 21+. Facebook pages are listed under each house. Twitter: @PAXIceandFire #paxsouthbarcrawl

In this frozen moment you flash through what you have just wielded and have yet to forge this night. Amidst your companions of valor, you seize the moment and take the challenge, for the honor of your house, for your glory in battle…

Through hill and dale, through rain and fog you and your companions of the quest push on and challenge after challenge you are overcome with the haze of battle…your memory will flicker…you can barely piece together but know you have brought honor to house and can proudly bear your sigil.

Your skull rings with fire from your quest…and it was good...

What This Is
Welcome to the PAX South version of the PrePAX bar crawl. You may have attended one of the other PrePAX bar crawls, The Triwizard Drinking Tournament or the Pokecrawl. Or if this is your first PAX, maybe not. In any case, this is a bar crawl. A Game of Thrones-themed bar crawl designed to get you drunk and meet fellow PAXers, all while raising money for the Child’s Play charity. This means we will ask you for donations. There will probably be cool things auctioned off. Don’t be stingy - bring some extra cash and think of the children.

This event will be held in and around the San Antonio Riverwalk. Registration with your House will start at 7:00 and each team will move to their first challenge bar at 8:00. Every hour, you will go forth to a new bar and a new house to humiliate with your elite drinking skills. All bars will be walking distance to each other. We come as a group, and leave as a group, so don’t try to get left behind!

How Does it Work?
When you arrive at the first bar, your Lord or Lady and his noblemen will check you in (see below for registration details). You will receive a registration card with some very important stuff on it. You will also receive six buttons with your house sigil upon them. At each bar, you will single out the weakest member of the opposing house and challenge them to a duel. Once you have completed the duel (and hopefully bested them), take their house sigil as a sign of your superiority. And then give them one of yours, just to be nice. Your goal will be to collect all six sigils to show the world that you rule the seven kingdoms…..or just that you have a liver made of Valyrian Steel.

How To Participate
Registration will open on December 21st at 9am and will occur through Eventbrite. Follow the link below.

You will be able to register yourself and a +1. Any duplicate registrations will be deleted, so don’t try to fool us. When registration opens, it will not have a wait-list due to the functionality of Eventbrite. Any cancellations or spots that open up will immediately go back into the pool. You will need to bring a printout of your registration confirmation or have it available on your smart device when you check in at your first bar. We will ask that everyone donate at least $5 for Child's Play to receive the scorecard and house buttons.

How Do I Win?
There's really no winning, per se. This is pretty much a fun, drunken night out with fellow nerds. But for those of you who do manage to conquer all of your foes and collect their sigils, there will be a button confirming the fact that you have lived through Book Four. We're also raising money for Child's Play, so bring some extra cash and for the love of the Gods old and new, think of the children.

The House that raises the most will be declared the most bestest house ever (at least for this year) and will have bragging rights going into Book Five.

We're always accepting volunteer spots as noble helpers or Wardens (sober assists) - it requires herding your brethren from one bar to the next, and making sure we don't lose any of our bannermen along the way. This is a great option for those that don’t feel like waking up hungover on Friday, but still like the energy and social spirit of the crawl. We prefer our volunteers mostly sober. Sober-ish. Ok, not falling down. Please PM Etaoin if you're interested in assisting.

Tips & Tricks
Don't Be a Dick: First and foremost, don't do anything that's going to embarrass yourself or anyone else. Especially since alcohol is going to be involved you're going to want to leave your asshole pants at home.

Know Your Limit: The only person who knows your alcohol tolerance is you. There's nothing worse than an overindulged drunk so don't be that guy or girl. If someone notices that you're getting sloppy, you're already past the point of no return. You should probably stop drinking when someone points out to you that you're peeing on a bar stool.

Leave No Housemate Behind: We arrive as a group and leave as a group. If someone has to be That Guy/Gal who gets so wasted that they think they're actually Jamie Lannister, it's the responsibility of the crawl as a whole to ensure this person makes it safely back to their hotel. Use the buddy system, handcuff yourselves to each other, whatever. No one is to vomit in a bus terminal by themselves. Not this night, at least.

Respect the Head of House and their Assistants: Anyone designated as a House noble for the crawl isn't there just to direct you to the next bar; they're there to make sure everyone's having a good time and that everything runs smoothly. They're there to keep everyone moving and to stop people from jumping up on the bar and dropping trou. If one asks you to stop picking bar fights with Tom Cruise, it might be a good idea to do so.

HAVE FUN: This is the most important guideline of all: Have fun! We're all on vacation and we're drinking with fellow nerds so let's enjoy it. Keeping ourselves fairly reasonable for the evening will make it a good time for everyone.

You must have a print out of your confirmation email or have it available on your smart phone.
You MUST provide your full name during the registration process, forum handle is optional.
You MUST be over the age of 21. No minors allowed. This is a bar crawl, please don't bring your children.
Attendees are limited to registering for 2 tickets (Yourself +1)
If you harass people on the forums or the team Facebook pages, you will be removed from the crawl, and your ticket will go back into the pool.
Duplicate/multiple orders, orders containing more than 1 ticket type, and otherwise suspicious orders will be cancelled. If you have an issue with registration please contact me immediately.

The Houses

More info to follow

The Challenges
Stop 1: Two Swords - See someone on your team that looks like a good ally? Share a drink and toast to your impending
house victory
Stop 2: The Lion and the Rose - One of you is the Lion, the other is the Rose. The Lion chooses a hard liquor, the Rose
chooses a flavored liquor. Order two cocktails which combine the two chosen liquors and drink up.
Stop 3: Breaker of Chains - Buy a shot of whiskey, vodka and tequila. Rock/Paper/Scissors to see who drinks each shot.
Stop 4: Oathkeeper - Two Truths and a lie. Each player dictates 2 truths and 1 lie while the other guesses the lie. Guess the
lie correctly and the other drinks. Wrong and you drink. Switch
Stop 5: The Laws of Gods and Men - Even Gods must hydrate. Make a friend and drink a glass of water. Seriously, drink it.
Then grab a drink of your choice, or not.
Stop 6: The Mountain and the Viper - Each of you buy a shot and a non-alcoholic drink. Switch shots. Combine your shot
and mixer and drink up.

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  • kube00kube00 Registered User regular
    Alright I got an earlier flight i wouldn't miss this for the world! Winter is coming, I'd better drink a few beers

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Just celebrated my 10th PAX trip

  • murdocmurdoc Registered User regular
    Awesome - did this at the first PAX South and really looking forward to being a part of it again.'s not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.
  • codeman165codeman165 Registered User new member
    Had a great time last year.can wait.

  • DelacroixPlaysDelacroixPlays Registered User new member
    I can't wait for this event! It's always the highlight of my PAX South!

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