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    No, it means nothing. The appendectomy statistic is not based on a single study. Science needs a lot of data to draw any conclusions, a single study is useless for any purpose other than making scientists curious to see if they can replicate the result.

    Except the Christenfield study that got all the press was already five studies, being variation on two previous studies by members of the same group, of which the first was an attempt to refute prior research (two studies by Vorderer in 1996) that ultimately reached the same conclusion, and those studies have been referenced in multiple follow ups from several universities (a staggering total of 47 studies have been done on spoiled storytelling, and that's not counting any that may exist that don't cite either Vorderer or Christenfield). One of which specifically used The Force Awakens as its subject movie, while Christenfield had a fourth and fifth involving stories that internally spoil themselves, and started one just last year involving multiple readings following a spoiled vs. unspoiled first reading which is yet to be published.

    It's not just one study, you don't need to diminish the research to amplify the dickery.

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    We don't have to diminish the research, but we can still completely dismiss it, right?

    If someone says no spoilers, you respect it and that's all there is to it.

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