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So I'm updating an old 16 bit DOS game to newer systems and I'm giving the UI kind of a facelift. This is just a simple prototype I worked up using Inkscape and Gimp. I am not a artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to see what I could do better then 16 color EGA graphics. After finishing I'm kind of beside myself with how good it looks for the little I did to it.

My goals are to:
1) Increase the resolution by 400% (The original is 320x200 the new size is 1280x800. It's 16:10 aspect ratio)
2) Increase the color from 4 bit color to 24 bit color.
3) Move away a little further away from the Star Trek "LCARS" look of the original without impacting the location of things. Paramount is a more touchy about games ripping off their Star Trek interface then they were back in 1992 when the game was originally released.
Links to a comparison is below.

Old and broke (Original)
New Hotness

Now I haven't done anything with the fonts yet, I will be using something a little more modern like a Kennyfont. I'm not totally sold on the background stars. Also the buttons look dark and not very inviting. I may brighten them up a bit. Any other ideas? My brain says it looks totally rad and I would you guys can knock me down a peg so I can try differnt avanues.

Yes, I know it just looks like I applied a few graphic plugins on a trace of the original. I did a little more than that... but not much.

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    Hey! Just saw this. Sorry no one replied to your thread man!

    I think it's a massive upgrade! It's much easier to read for sure. I don't really know enough about design to give much of a crit though.

    I guess the few things I would say is, the game/mission logo is really busy, and I can't tell if it's supposed to be anything. And I can't really read the main logo. I see a P and a WAF? And the last thing is, I don't really know what the "stand by" thing is for. It's kind of busy too, so it call attention to itself, but as far as I can tell it does nothing?

    I dunno. Hope that helps. Sorry again you got no replies! Shame on us! shame!

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    halkunhalkun Registered User regular
    Oh this is old... :P I'm actually hiring an artist to help with the game now. Thanks for the input though,...

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