we did it! whooooo! we done the thing with the christenmas and we survived! yay!

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hello fellow grinches and humbuggers.

this thread is here to celebrate the lot of us. depending on where we live we hade about 4-6 weeks of run-up to this *redacted* holiday. if you are anything like me you dread this time of the year, what are you going to do? who are you going to celebrate with? are you gonna go home for the holidays? do you have anything special planned? did you get your presents yet etc etc etc.

I personally don't give two farts about baby jesus or mandatory fun time with the extended family so this time of the year can be a bit stressful if you are like me especially with the added pressure of the new year right around the corner.

but the kids had fun, there were no riots. nobody got stabbed and we ate food.

that's an ok christenmas in my book.

only 364 more days to go to the next one but we survived this one so cheers to y'all.

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