Christmas tech support. (Help plz and also get help)

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Ok, so this morning my PC started acting up. The specs are:

R3 1200 CPU
MSI B350M Gaming PRO motherboard
2X8GB G.skill DDR4
MSI GTX1050ti SC
250GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD

When I hit the power button the PC comes to life, all the fans/lights turn on, the HDD spins up, even the GPU fan turns on. I don't get any picture though, not even BIOS. My keyboard is over USB and when it's plugged in the num, caps, and scroll lock indicators light up but I can't turn them off.

I unplugged everything but the boot drive, one stick of RAM, and the GPU and still had no luck. I unplugged the boot drive and no luck. I removed the stick of RAM and my motherboard debug lights indicated that it couldn't find RAM or the CPU. Put the RAM back in and both lights turn off. Still no video output.

The GPU fan spins up so it's clearly getting power, but no matter what I do I get no picture. It seems like my problem is the GPU but I don't have another card to test the PC with. Ryzen doesn't have integrated graphics so I can't check that way either. The keyboard lights also make me question if it is the GPU, but maybe the system is getting hung up on it?

Any other suggestions?

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